Alcohol Rehab Near Savannah

Alcohol Rehab Near Savannah - duck room - meeting room - willingway - addiction treatment experts - statesboro georgia drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilityAre you considering seeking professional help for a possible alcohol problem?

If so, Willingway, an alcohol rehab near Savannah, can help. Willingway has been helping clients and their families find recovery from addiction for 50 years. We are a privately-owned, nationally-recognized specialty hospital that believes in practicing evidence-based therapies to restore the lives of our patients. Our comprehensive substance abuse treatment programming ensures that we can provide what each and every patient needs in order to recreate their lives, free from addiction. We treat each of our clients with the compassion, dignity, and respect they deserve, while supporting them as they grow stronger and more confident on the road to recovery.

Willingway is the ideal place to begin your recovery. With our extensive experience and comfortable atmosphere, including private rooms and baths, you or your loved one will be off to a great start. Our dedicated and compassionate staff consists of medical professionals, as well as a significant percentage of staff currently in recovery, offering an even higher level of understanding. Additionally, we have a high ratio of staff members to patients, assuring clients always receive the care they need and deserve. Willingway’s 11-acre private wooded campus, located in Statesboro, GA, is the perfect environment to relax and begin focusing on healing.

Alcohol Rehab Near Savannah - bridge with buildings in background - willingway - addiction treatment experts - statesboro georgia drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilityAt Willingway’s alcohol rehab near Savannah, we offer a full continuum of treatment, beginning with a thorough and confidential assessment, and including medical detoxification, inpatient and short-term inpatient treatment, an outpatient program, and continuing care. The detox program is overseen by our ASAM-certified medical director, and Willingway’s tenured medical team implements a detox protocol that protects patients against the most severe symptoms of withdrawal. We make certain that individuals remain both safe and comfortable during this intensive phase of treatment. A staff physician or certified addiction counselor will help you or your loved one decide what the next steps in your treatment should be.

To find out more about our alcohol rehab near Savannah, please call and speak confidentially with one of our staff members. We are available to answer questions 24 hours a day. Let us help you get started on the pathway to your new life. Call now.

To find out more about services offered by Willingway contact us 24 hours a day at 888-979-2140, and let us help you get started on the road to recovery.Willingway - Addiction Treatment Experts