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Addiction as a Disease - addiction - willingway
Addiction as a disease is often a difficult concept for not only the addicted individual but also for their friends and loved ones. At one time, addiction meant a sentence to asylums and mental institutions. People saw addiction as failure of will or an issue of insanity. Today, fortunately, science has helped shift this attitude....
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12-Step Compared to Non-12-Step Treatment Programs - meeting room chairs - willingway
With so many lives affected by drug and alcohol addiction, there is a high demand for addiction treatment. Fortunately, there are many different treatment options possible and individuals can usually find a facility that fits their needs. Some addiction treatment programs use the 12-steps as an integral part of their treatment, while others do not....
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detox from alcohol - young man sitting on bed - willingway
A recovering alcoholic’s story Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol vary depending on the user’s history. A chronic abuser of alcohol can have more severe detox than that of someone who may not have been drinking as long or as much as the chronic abuser. To understand what to expect, let’s examine the effects of alcohol on...
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bipolar disorder and addiction - bipolar disorder - willingway
You may recognize the term “dual diagnosis” or “co-occurring disorder.” Both of these phrases refer to a person having both a mental disorder and a substance abuse disorder or addiction, concurrently. One common dual diagnosis is bipolar disorder and addiction. Bipolar disorder used to be most commonly referred to as “manic depression.” Persons afflicted with...
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Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Methods - addiction and life sign - willingway
There are many accredited facilities that offer effective drug addiction treatment methods. Some of these methods include onsite detox or, at least, a nearby detox facility. This is the first stage of treatment, ridding the body entirely of all substances. In order for effective drug addiction treatment methods to be successful, there has to be...
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types of addiction - word addiction on wall - willingway
There are many types of addiction that can affect people from all walks of life. Addiction can overtake any individual’s life, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, age, or other factors. There are some people who are more at risk than others, but as a whole, addiction does not discriminate. One of the types of addiction...
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setting unrealistic goals in addiction recovery - goals list - willingway
When someone decides to get clean and sober, it may at first be painful and scary. After the initial period of detox, you begin to feel better physically and emotionally. This is the time that the “pink cloud” sets in. You feel great, are proud of your sobriety, and feel as though you can accomplish...
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Low Cost Rehabs and Luxury Rehabs - treatment - willingway
Addiction is at an all time high across the nation. Checking in to a drug treatment center is the first step toward long term recovery. The financial cost of continuing an addiction almost always outweighs the cost of rehab, yet, most people worry about the cost of a drug treatment center. If you are considering...
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Is there a Correlation between Income and Drug and Alcohol Abuse - rich man poor man - willingway
Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of socioeconomic standing. Yet, studies show that there is a direct prevalence between alcohol and drug abuse in relation to lower, middle, and upper class. The figures of those that have used illicit drugs, regardless of class, are staggering. According to the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health,...
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