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choosing the right detox - Willingway
Finding yourself or a loved in need of a detox center can be a daunting task. How to choose the right detox center may be a quandary. What do I look for? Can I afford the center? Is it required that I stay there? Do the individuals on staff have the right credentials? This can be overwhelming,...
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Signs of Heroin Addiction - woman looking at camera - willingway
The signs of heroin addiction can manifest in different ways. There can be changes in the physical appearance and actions of the addicted individual. Since heroin is ingested by smoking, snorting, or injection, different usage methods may be present. Changes in Appearance: After use, the addicted individual will have flushed skin, labored breathing, and tiny...
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Children of Alcoholics - willingway
Children of alcoholics live a life of chaos and uncertainty. They often endure trauma and emotional scars. Not knowing what will happen from one day to the next, even moment to moment, makes the environment even more horrific for children. While children are not responsible for the actions and choices of their parents, adult children...
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Addiction Treatment For Professionals - professionals - willingway
Addiction treatment for professionals: staying discreet can be difficult. Although medical professionals have long accepted addiction as a disease, it is still seen by many as a weakness, an inability to control oneself. But when someone finds themselves at the end of that rope and seeks treatment, the last thing they need is to feel...
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Heroin Addiction Statistics - heroin needle - willingway
Heroin falls into the class of drugs called opioids and is derived from the same type of poppy plant that is used to produce similar drugs, such as morphine. While the drug has been around (in the United States) since the last decade of the 1800s, it’s impact has been increasingly noticed over the last...
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Fight against Addiction - man in suit with boxing gloves - willingway
Addiction can happen not only with alcohol and drugs. You can also be addicted to sex, food, shopping, and many other activities or substances. There are reports of as many as 160 12-step programs to support people who identify as needing to fight off some type of addiction. For the purpose of our discussion, we...
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Motivational Interviewing in Addiction Treatment - man talking to therapist - willingway
Addiction specialists dedicate their careers to helping those with substance abuse and chemical dependency reclaim their lives. There are many approaches to addiction treatment, including pharmacotherapies (drug intervention) and behavioral therapies. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), behavioral approaches help engage people in drug abuse treatment, provide incentives for them to remain...
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Recovering from Alcohol Abuse - happy man - willingway
Recovering from alcohol abuse can seem like a long and arduous journey at the beginning. The truth is, millions of men and women have recovered, which means it is possible for anyone who is willing. Willingness is all it takes to get started on this pathway to a sober lifestyle. Even though not drinking is...
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Addiction as a Disease - addiction - willingway
Addiction as a disease is often a difficult concept for not only the addicted individual but also for their friends and loved ones. At one time, addiction meant a sentence to asylums and mental institutions. People saw addiction as failure of will or an issue of insanity. Today, fortunately, science has helped shift this attitude....
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