Broad 90

Extended Treatment Services for Men

Broad 90 is a shorter term, more clinically intensive program for men who are highly motivated to get and stay sober. Individuals who require a lower level of accountability would be considered appropriate for this program. Residents are enrolled in our intensive outpatient program, which includes 12 hours of group therapy as well as one hour of individual counseling each week. Additional peer-led groups are held within the house. Because this program is shorter in length but higher in intensity, Broad 90 has been described as a “booster shot” for recovery, focusing on self-awareness, relapse prevention, family relationships, and 12-step recovery. Residents do not seek employment while in this program, however, they are able to volunteer within the Statesboro community. Graduates leave with a strong knowledge of the disease of alcoholism and addiction as well as the fundamental practice of a 12-step recovery program in their daily lives. Broad 90 is also a great option for men who would otherwise be returning to an environment that is not conducive to sobriety and who may need more time. While the length of stay is 90 days, 3/4 housing and other options are available upon completion if additional services are needed.

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Extended Treatment Services

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