Extended Treatment Services for Men

Men who have a basic desire to be sober but are in need of added structure will greatly benefit from Cornerstone. The program is designed to help our patients move toward independence and develop into sober, mature, successful, contributing members of the community. This is facilitated through strong 12-step participation, along with the development of basic life and recovery skills. The level of structure and accountability at Cornerstone is moderate compared to Willingway’s other male extended treatment programs, requiring residents to have enough motivation to function successfully in this environment.

Program participants are eligible to begin working within the first 30 to 90 days of treatment, with an emphasis on becoming more financially responsible. The weekly schedule includes 12-step meetings, community service work, recovery and life skills activities, recreational therapy, group therapy, and individual counseling. A full-time program manager, who is assisted by an extended treatment aide, oversees the program. Additionally, the house manager, who resides on property, helps to provide supervision and accountability at night and on weekends. The men in this program build a strong camaraderie amongst themselves and in the community, thus developing a supportive recovery environment that is conducive for responsible sober living. A commitment of one year to 18 months is required for successful completion.

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Extended Treatment Services

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