Opiate Reduction Services at Willingway

What is the Opiate Reduction Services Program?

The Opiate Reduction Services (ORS) program assists individuals in the reduction of opioid medications as they strive towards full abstinence-based recovery. ORS is a unique program that provides clinical services and alternative therapies for pain relief to those who have become addicted to or physically dependent on prescribed opioid medications.

Why ORS?

ORS is the only outpatient opioid reduction program that addresses the need to fill the absence created by the lowering or discontinuance of narcotic medications. ORS is a uniquely individualized solution to physical dependence on narcotics to relieve chronic pain.

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How does ORS work?

ORS offers clinical services beginning with a confidential assessment followed by treatment team staffing and client inclusive treatment planning. ORS aids individuals in finding alternative ways to cope with pain while reducing or entirely abstaining from the use of narcotics.

This is facilitated through individual and group therapy, introduction into a 12-step recovery program (such as Chronic Pain Anonymous) and alternative physical therapies designed to reduce pain. Some of these may include:

  • aquatic therapy
  • core strengthening and stretching exercises
  • yoga
  • guided visualization

The ORS program is specially tailored to provide individualized treatment to each participant as they are de-prescribed from their opioid medications.

For a confidential assessment or additional information, please contact Irene Westenberg, CAC II, NDAC at iwestenberg@willingway.com or by calling Willingway’s Outpatient Office at (912) 489-7210.

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