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The Recovery BookAnswers to all your questions about addiction and alcoholism
and finding health and happiness in sobriety.
By Al J. Mooney, M.D., Catherine Dold, and Howard Eisenberg

“Many people are now finally recognizing that addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a terrible disease. Heroin and prescription painkillers are destroying many families. More people now die of overdoses than in traffic accidents. Overcoming this epidemic requires decisive solutions. THE RECOVERY BOOK offers a clear path to a lifetime of sobriety, as well as advice for rebuilding a life so it has meaning and purpose.” — Al J. Mooney, M.D.

Long considered the bible of addiction recovery, THE RECOVERY BOOK by Al J. Mooney, M.D., and medical health journalists Catherine Dold and Howard Eisenberg, provides hope, support, and real advice to the more than 23 million Americans who suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Publishing for the 25th anniversary of National Recovery Month, THE RECOVERY BOOK is completely revised and updated to feature all the latest in addiction science and recovery techniques, to include Dr. Mooney’s new Recovery Zone System, and address the increase in abuse of prescription drugs and heroin.

Written in a question-and-answer format that breaks down the daunting process, THE RECOVERY BOOK delivers a direct, clear, and attainable road map to every step in the process, from the momentous decision to quit to the emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that arise during recovery. Its comprehensive and effective advice speaks to addicts, their loved ones, and addiction professionals who need a proven, trusted resource and a supportive voice. Questions range from “Are you an alcoholic or an addict?” to “What is withdrawal?” to “What do I tell everyone?” to “How much should we help our child?”


Readers will also benefit from the revolutionary Recovery Zone System, which divides the recovery process into three distinct zones:

The Red Zone
STOP. Activate your recovery and save your life. Focus entirely on survival and your recovery.
The Yellow Zone
Proceed with caution. Rebuild your life. Maintain the foundation of sobriety and strong recovery.
The Green Zone
Go. Celebrate your life. Live a long and sober life and help others find recovery.

In 26 chapters and over 600 pages, THE RECOVERY BOOK tackles issues such as:

  • Committing to Recovery: Identifying and accepting the problem is the first step toward recovery (with next steps).
  • AA and other 12-Step Fellowships: Extensive information on mutual-support groups to aid in the process of selection.
  • Physical and Mental Health: Tips for getting healthy, which include avoiding toxins and keeping blood sugar balanced.
  • Raising Substance-Free Kids: How to “addiction-proof” your child and tips for being an effective parent.
  • Addiction Science and Neuroplasticity: Discover how alcohol and drugs can actually alter pathways in the brain. This same process when trained on recovery can remold the brain, making sobriety a routine way of life.
  • Relapse Prevention: The Recovery Zone ReCheck, a simple new technique to anticipate and avoid relapses.
  • The Epidemic of Prescription Drugs: Now a bigger problem than illegal drugs.
  • Family and Friends: How you can help a loved one with addiction, and how you can help yourself.
  • Pain Control: How to deal with pain (and other medical issues) when you are in recovery.
  • Rebuilding Your Life: How to handle relationships, work, education, and finances in recovery.

Dr. Al Mooney has been helping alcoholics and addicts get their lives back for more than thirty years, using both his professional and personal experiences at his family’s treatment center, Willingway, and most recently through his work as medical director for The Healing Place of Wake County (Raleigh, NC), a homeless shelter that features a peer-driven residential recovery program. THE RECOVERY BOOK will help millions gain control of their mind, their body, their life, and their happiness.

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The Inspiring Story of Dr. John and Dot Mooney, and the Georgia family’s legacy of fighting addiction in the Southeast and beyond.

Some love stories do last forever.
When Two Loves Collide by William G. BorchertWhen Two Loves Collide, by William G. Borchert (Tasora Books, April 30, 2013) tells the compelling story of a heroic Army surgeon and his wife who rose from the ashes of addiction to save thousands of others like themselves and inspire a legacy of fighting addiction that their children continue to wage today.

Captain John Mooney, Jr., M.D. of Statesboro, Georgia, returns from World War II—highly decorated for his courage under fire—after saving thousands of lives in battles across Europe despite being wounded himself. But in addition to his battle scars, he comes home as many brave soldiers do with another war-induced malady. He’s addicted to the alcohol and drugs he took to kill his own pain.

He marries a beautiful Georgia country girl named Dorothy Carolyn Riggs, a young nurse known as “Dot” to her friends who loves to drink and party. At first, success, John’s fame as a hero, money and excitement fill their lives. But then their passionate love for each other begins to collide with their passionate love for their addictions. Chaos follows. For their home. For their family and friends. For his lucrative medical practice. For their three young sons.

One desperate night in a cheap, dirty motel room, John and Dot almost die from convulsions trying to detox each other from their uncontrollable compulsions. An ambulance gets them to a hospital in time. The physician begins signing himself in and out of hospitals and mental institutions while his wife become addicted to electric shock therapy from the high she gets being injected with of Sodium Pentothal. Their loud, drunken brawls become more frightening.

On the verge of losing his surgical skills, his entire medical practice, and his wife and children, Dr. Mooney is suddenly arrested, convicted and incarcerated in a Federal prison on felony drug charges. It is there behind bars that he finds the miracle of recovery and redemption…the solution for himself, his wife and thousands of others he would go on to help.

Now free from prison and his addictions, John and Dot believe that the best way to stay clean and sober is to help others. They begin bringing men and women seriously ill from alcoholism and drug addiction into their home on Lee Street in Statesboro, Georgia to care for them and help them find recovery. At times there are 30 or more alcoholics and drug addicts living at the house which some people begin to refer to as “the crazy house on Lee Street.”

Then another major event happens. Several businessmen in town who admire the great work the Mooneys are doing, decide they need more help to help more people. Together, they raise enough money to build the couple the first hospital in the country dedicated solely to the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. They call it “Willingway.”

Over the years—under the guidance of Dr. John and Dot Mooney—Willingway has saved thousands of lives and restored untold families. And it continues to do so, now under the direction of their three sons and daughter who continue to carry on the legacy of their parents.

Their love story continues.

Watch an interview with author William Borchert:

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Dr. Al MooneyDr. Al Mooney has been helping alcoholics and addicts get their lives back for more than thirty years, using both his professional and personal experiences at the treatment center originally founded by his parents, Willingway, and most recently through his work as medical director for The Healing Place of Wake County (Raleigh, NC), a homeless shelter that features a peer-driven residential recovery program. THE RECOVERY BOOK will help millions gain control of their mind, their body, their life, and their happiness.

Dr. Al lectures internationally on the latest science and treatments for recovery.

CATHERINE DOLD has covered health and environmental issues for The New York Times, Smithsonian, Discover, Self, and many other national publications.
HOWARD EISENBERG is a medical journalist and coauthor of How to Be Your Own Doctor (Sometimes).

The Willingway Recovery Store celebrates the release of When Two Loves Collide, a book written by William Borchert about Willingway founders, Dr. John and Dot Mooney (2013).

Author of When Two Loves Collide: William G. Borchert is an Emmy-nominated screenwriter who wrote the movies My Name Is Bill W. starring James Garner and James Woods and When Love Is Not Enough starring Winona Ryder and Barry Pepper.

He has also written a number of books including The Lois Wilson Story: When Love Is Not Enough, Sought Through Prayer and Meditation, and 50 Miracles That Changed Lives.

He and his lovely wife, Bernadette, live in Little River, South Carolina.

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When Two Loves Collide Reviews

****** Honest, Inspiring Story
"When Two Loves Collide, The story of Dr. John and Dot Mooney is a truly inspirational love story. The author tells their stories honestly, openly and warmly. Although I knew how the book ends, I cheered for them to make it from the very beginning. Anyone who has been affected by the disease of alcoholism and/or addiction in themselves or a loved one will appreciate this book."

****** Pass It On
"You do not have to have ever taken a drink or a drug to love this story! The book, When Two Loves Collide, is an amazing love story and a story of determination and perseverance unlike any thing else. It is also about addiction and recovery. I owe my life to these two people whom I never had the privilege of meeting but felt their presence at the hospital they began in Statesboro Georgia. I started reading it on a Tuesday morning and finished it on Wednesday night. I could hardly put it down. If you do happen to be in addiction or know someone who is, this is a must-read for you. You will be renewed with hope. If you are in recovery, you will be reminded, as I am, that sobriety is the only way to live a full life. If you have had been to Willingway, you will learn the story that you heard piece-meal while you were there. It will all make sense. I bought it on my Kindle, but now plan to buy it in book form so I can pass it on. This book is too important and too special to keep to myself"