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When and Why Suboxone Can Lead to Addiction

It’s truly a tragedy to develop a dependency on medication that’s supposed to help you...
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opiates opioid epidemic nurse pills

Opiates Haven’t Gone Away: Here’s What You Should Know

Now more than ever, it’s important to be vigilant about the facts involving opiates, their...
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man drinking sipping tea coffee relapse recovery

Moving Forward After Relapse

So, it happened. You’ve relapsed. Maybe because of extreme circumstances or because of a compulsive...
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suicide prevention mental health friends hug

World Suicide Prevention Day Helps Us Understand Why People Need Help

According to the most recent statistics from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), there...
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girl on social media at night

How Does Social Media Impact Your Self Worth?

Social media can be one way to maintain a connection with people who share your...
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illustration of open book with flowers and plants growing up out of the pages - inspirational books

These Inspirational Books Show the Power of Resilience

In those moments when we feel like no one understands what we’ve been through, the...
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pretty young woman sitting looking sad with her hand on her head - you can see she is thinking - grief

Traveling the Journey of Grief

Few emotions are as complicated as grief, and each one of us deals with it...
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two couples or four friends smiling and looking at a map together - vacation

Ready For Vacation? Here’s How to Have a Sober Good Time

Whether you’re answering the call of the lazy, hazy days of summer with a couple...
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chemical formula for fentanyl

Here Are the Facts About Fentanyl

Just when we thought the fight against opiates was winding down, fentanyl continues to make...
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illustration of cartoon man with the top of his head exploding into a mushroom cloud - burnout

Coping With Burnout in Recovery

Everyone experiences burnout. Certain life circumstances—such as workplace pressure, caring for a busy family or...
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