Treatment Programs

For 45 years, Willingway’s focus has been saving the lives of people with alcohol and drug problems. A nationally-recognized alcohol and drug addiction treatment program featuring private rooms and baths, Willingway promotes a lifelong continuing recovery program so that patients may enjoy a life of sobriety and success. Delivering patients and families the highest quality addiction treatment care with dignity, compassion and respect is the mission.

Willingway focuses on treating substance abuse through a full continuum of care including assessments, medical detoxification, treatment programs, and follow-up care.

The following are levels of care in the Willingway continuum:

  • Confidential Assessments
  • Medically-Managed Detoxification
  • Inpatient Treatment Program
  • Long-Term Treatment Program
  • Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Continuing Care Program
  • Family Programs

Confidential Assessments REALIZE

To begin the treatment process, a confidential, essential pre-admission evaluation is administered over the phone by highly trained and caring Willingway Admission Coordinators. After the evaluation, the medical staff then reviews the information to determine if help is needed for alcohol and/or drug use and to possibly recommend treatment options or make further recommendations.

There is no commitment or charge for a pre-admission assessment. All assessments are confidential. Admission Coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 800.242.9455 to speak with an admission representative now.

Performed by a staff physician or Certified Addiction Counselor, the Adult Assessment consists of a complete medical and substance abuse history. Some other assessed areas include the individual’s withdrawal potential, and emotional/behavioral conditions and complications. For professionals, we offer an M.P.E. assessment and/or a 96 hour evaluation.
Drug testing can give families or employers a clearer picture of the presence or absence of specific substances. Drug screens are performed during Willingway assessments and for patients only.

A 10-Panel Drug Screen is the drug screen used to test for the presence of ten different drugs. Although every 10-Panel Drug Screen can test for different substances, this type of test can detect alcohol, several illegal drugs and levels of prescription drugs that have the potential for abuse.

To make a referral for a Willingway Confidential Assessment, please contact Willingway’s Admission Coordinator at 800.242.9455. If the patient is being referred from another facility, Willingway’s medical staff will communicate with the referring facility’s medical staff.

Medically Managed Detoxification RESCUE

Detoxification is the most intensive level of care Willingway provides. This includes comfortable detoxification by qualified, specialty trained addiction medicine physicians. Willingway’s tenured team of addiction professionals will work with individuals to achieve a true mental/physical health baseline. For over 40 years, Willingway has provided the safest and most consistent method of medical intervention available. Accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) continuously since 1974, Willingway is licensed as a specialty hospital with a high level of medical sophistication and addiction medicine physicians on staff. This makes Willingway ideal for complicated cases such as high level methadone addiction and other difficult detoxifications. Detoxification usually precedes inpatient treatment.

Open Door Detoxification Program

Willingway offers a freestanding medical detox program that provides individuals the help they need to begin recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. Evaluations and assessments for the recommendation of further treatment options are included upon completion of the program.


If you think that you or someone you love needs detoxification from addictive substances, please call 800.242.9455 for a Confidential Assessment from one of our highly-trained Willingway admission coordinators.

Inpatient Treatment Program RESTORE

The Inpatient Residential Treatment Program follows Detoxification. The program is structured to focus on emotional stabilization, education about the illness, development of recovery resources and skills, and personal adoption of recovery principles.
Willingway accommodates each patient with a private room and bath, desk for letter writing and individual temperature controls during the Inpatient Residential Program. Laundry service is also provided.
While the Inpatient Residential Treatment Program is Willingway’s highest level of care following detoxification, patient responsibilities are kept at a minimum to enable a complete focus on the patient’s individual recovery. Patients are expected to attend the daily planned scheduled activities and are offered assistance and guidance throughout the process.
Although each individual treatment plan is unique, the average length of stay for the Inpatient Residential Treatment Program is 5-6 weeks.
If you think that you or someone you love needs detoxification from addictive substances, please call 800.242.9455 for a Confidential Assessment from one of our highly-trained Willingway admission coordinators.

Long-Term Treatment Program REBUILD

The Men’s Lodge

From detoxification through supportive structured living, Willingway offers a comprehensive, seamless continuity of care, including long-term extended treatment in separate facilities for men and women. The Lodge, Willingway’s long-term treatment program for men, offers a less intensive level of care and is an integral part of Willingway’s addiction treatment continuum. The Lodge provides a supportive, recovering living environment comprised of a group of separate recovery residences that can accommodate up to 25 men.

The Lodge help fosters a community of support and encouragement. Click here to tour The Lodge.

Recovery residences at The Lodge offer apartment-style living with oversight by an on-site addiction-certified counselor. The Lodge provides a comfortable environment located in a safe neighborhood about a mile from Willingway. The recovery residences include washer and dryer, bed linens, cable TV, telephone and all utilities.
Men who live in the Lodge are expected to attend a weekly house meeting. Also, residents are required to attend a 12-step meeting daily and actively participate in Willingway’s Outpatient or Day Treatment Program. After a period of time and upon counselor approval, patients may be allowed to seek employment and/or have a car while still attending long-term treatment.
Men usually live at The Lodge approximately twelve months. However, the length of stay is flexible depending on the patient’s treatment plan.
Willingway offers the following services to residents of the Men’s Lodge:

  • Individual counseling by a Certified Addiction Counselor
  • Individual treatment planning
  • Group counseling
  • On and off-site AA meetings
  • Recreation/social activities
  • Opportunity to go to work or school
  • Supervision by trained, dedicated staff
  • Medical services as needed
  • Family Programs and family counseling
If you think that you or someone you love needs detoxification from addictive substances, please call 800.242.9455 for a Confidential Assessment from one of our highly-trained Willingway admission coordinators.

The Women’s Residence

A long-term addiction treatment program, the Women’s Residence is an Extended Care Program at Willingway designed for women who have been unable to maintain sobriety outside a structured setting. The Residence provides a safe, nurturing environment in which women can build skills for living sober, free from addiction and move into recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. The structured long-term treatment program provides group therapy, individual sessions, and educational classes on subjects related to addiction. Upon successful completion of the Residence’s program, women can move from living in a stabilized drug-free community to achieving broader goals of returning to the workplace, school, or reintegration into their families.

The program is designed to help women learn to develop healthy interpersonal skills, tolerance, and coping skills essential to maintaining long-term sobriety. While in treatment, women in the Residence learn to assume responsibility within a community. Issues that range in scope from the most trivial in nature to dealing with the pain from tragedy and negative consequences after repeated relapse are addressed. If medical needs arise, the patient is assessed and treated by Willingway’s medical and nursing staff or will be referred to a local medical group.

The Women’s Residence is designed to create a community of support and encouragement. Take a photo tour of The Women’s Residence now.

The Residence is located in a beautiful two-story historic home in a safe, friendly neighborhood in downtown Statesboro, Georgia.
Women usually live in the Residence for an average of one year. However, the length of stay is flexible based on the patient’s treatment plan.
Willingway offers the following services to The Women’s Residence:

  • Individual counseling by a Certified Addiction Counselor
  • Individual treatment planning
  • Group counseling
  • On and off-site AA meetings
  • Recreation/social activities
  • Opportunity to go to work or school
  • Supervision by trained, dedicated staff
  • Medical services as needed
  • Family Programs and family counseling
If you think that you or someone you love needs detoxification from addictive substances, please call 800.242.9455 for a Confidential Assessment from one of our highly-trained Willingway admission coordinators.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Willingway’s intensive Outpatient Program offers another level of care for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. The program is designed for individuals in a stage of chemical dependency that may not require treatment in an inpatient setting but want to achieve sobriety in a less-intensive, confidential setting. The program can also benefit patients who have completed inpatient treatment but who need continued care to make the transition more smoothly back to the home environment.
Generally speaking, outpatient programs are less intensive than inpatient programs. The person completing an outpatient program maintains the flexibility to continue working and is able to attend the confidential Willingway Outpatient Program in the evenings.

Length of the Outpatient Treatment Program

Willingway’s Outpatient Program is available for patients both day and evening. The length of outpatient treatment is based upon the individual patient’s needs. Each individual’s program is tailored to meet the goals set by the counselor and patient. With evening counseling available, a patient can remain employed as well as maintain a family life.
The Outpatient Program’s business hours are 9 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Outpatient counseling staff is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Although referrals usually come from physicians, employers and Employee Assistant Programs (EAPs), anyone can make a referral to Willingway Outpatient.

In order to determine if alcohol or drug use has become a problem, an evaluation and assessment interview is conducted. An assessment identifies the presence and extent of alcohol and drug abuse. During this meeting, the patient will be interviewed and often this includes a list of questions that assist the counselor to make recommendations to the most appropriate level of treatment.

Once treatment begins, a thorough physical examination is conducted by the physician and random urine drug screens are administered during the program.

Continuing Care Program RECONNECT

Upon completion of the Inpatient Residential Program, the patient is encouraged to maintain a relationship with Willingway through participation in the Continuing Care Program. An important feature of this program is an individualized written Continuing Care plan that includes recommendations to the patient and family members for maintaining the patient’s drug and alcohol free lifestyle. A Continuing Care plan is offered to each patient returning home from treatment or those enrolled in Willingway’s Intensive Outpatient Program. The plan is an excellent resource for those new to recovery, as well as family and friends, to begin to integrate recovery into their daily lives at home and to learn vital information about local AA, NA and Al-Anon support groups. The Continuing Care Program can also be utilized as a valuable recovery resource for family members while your loved one is in treatment at Willingway .

Continuing Care Support Groups

In addition to providing an individually designed treatment plan for each patient, Willingway offers Continuing Care groups in selected geographic areas. These weekly meetings are open to Willingway alumni, family members and close, supportive friends and are free of charge. Click here to see a list of Continuing Care groups and meeting times.


All Willingway patients and families are welcome to join a Continuing Care Support Group. For more information regarding the group nearest you or how to get involved, please call our Continuing Care Coordinator at 800.242.9455.

Family & Professional Programs

Willingway Family Workshop

The four-day Willingway Family Workshop participants will learn how to initiate positive changes in their lives, which will encourage healing and a foundation for the recovery process. They will gain an understanding of how accepting too much responsibility for the addict/alcoholic has not only caused pain and chaos in their own lives, but can be a barrier to their loved one’s recovery.

The Willingway Family Workshop will offer understanding, healing and hope for those affected by the disease of addiction. Click here for more information on the Willingway Family Workshop.

Willingway Family Week

Family Week is a five-day intensive experience at the end of a loved one’s treatment plan that offers families an opportunity to learn about alcohol and drug addiction treatment and the family’s role in recovery. This experience also offers family members an opportunity to share feelings and experiences to begin the healing process. At Willingway, we believe that addiction is a devastating family disease, requiring treatment for the whole family.

During the program, married couples are invited to share a room at Willingway. Extended family members (unmarried partners, parents of a married patient, children, or adult siblings) will stay in a local lodging during the family program.

Families are asked to participate in all aspects of the program, including eating meals at Willingway, attending meditation, twelve-step and other group meetings, lectures, recreational therapy, and meeting with an addiction treatment counselor.

Willingway welcomes family members and loved ones the Family Programs. The goal is to provide patients and families with the knowledge, skills and contacts to become allies in maintaining successful long-term sobriety through active recovery once leaving Willingway’s daily care. Click here for more information on Family Week..


To learn more about our Family Programs, please contact a Willingway Admission Coordinator at 800.242.9455. If you are a family member struggling with a loved one’s addiction, please read more about how to help yourself and them.

Willingway Professionals Treatment Program

This program, specifically designed for professionals, helps those who need assistance with addiction recovery.

Addiction can be devastating for skilled and licensed professionals. Some professionals
can be more susceptible to addiction due to the high demands of their work. This is particularly true for:

  • physicians
  • nurses
  • executives
  • attorneys
  • dentists
  • pharmacists
  • airline pilots
  • therapists
  • other professionals

At Willingway, you will find the individualized care, unparalleled expertise, and peer support you need to rebuild your life and preserve your professional career.

Collegiate Recovery Support

Willingway Foundation supports the Center for Addiction Recovery at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro Georgia. College drinking & drug abuse finds a solution. Click here for more information.

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