Why Choose Willingway?

Learn why Willingway is a great place to begin your recovery.
  • 50 years of experience. It’s no wonder we offer the best treatment – we have been around longer and have helped save the lives of more people than most other programs. We have had 50 years and over 20,000 clients to develop an exceptional program. Our philosophy is simple: to put clients first and offer them the best chance of recovery.
  • Able to admit medically complicated cases. Willingway’s medical staff is able to safely treat individuals who have abused almost all combinations and amounts of mood-altering chemicals, including alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs, methadone, and others.
  • Skilled in difficult detox. Our detox protocol has been refined over the years so that our medical staff is fully secure in each client’s detox, regardless of the particular combination of substances he or she has been taking.
  • Comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Willingway’s goal is to make you feel at home and as comfortable as possible. You will enjoy walking around the pond, eating three healthy, home-cooked meals a day, sharing fellowship, on-unit snacks, sleeping in a double bed in your private room, and seeing the warm smiles of our always available and attentive staff.
  • Private rooms and baths. Willingway’s adult inpatient unit accommodates each client with a private room and bath, desk for letter writing, and individual temperature controls.
  • Medical professionals on staff. Our nurses and physicians work full-time at Willingway, which means that clients are seen by the same staff every day. Our tenured, highly trained staff know you by name and are familiar with your medical history, which gives them a deeper understanding of your individual needs during your treatment stay.
  • Family treatment. Healthy family relationships are an essential part of healing from alcohol and drug addiction and, with open arms, we welcome the support of family members. Family sessions are provided via Zoom by your loved one’s assigned counselor. Willingway is excited to offer weekly multi-family Zoom therapy sessions with renowned therapist Kevin Petersen and his associates.
  • Pool and gym equipment. We know that people who have spent years finding comfort in substances need to find alternative outlets for fun and stress relief. Many people who are addicted to substances have also neglected their physical well-being and enjoy the opportunity to take care of themselves again.
  • 11-acre secluded wooded campus. Walking around our lovely campus, whether with a counselor or fellow residents, can be therapeutic and enjoyable. We also provide a wide variety of activities on our campus, including cookouts and volleyball, so that clients can get plenty of outdoor time.
  • Tenured staff. Several Willingway staff members have been employed with us for more than 35 years. Many staff members have dedicated their lives to helping people who suffer from addiction. Simply, they love their jobs.
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