CEO/David Gerber

David Gerber

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

David Gerber has been in the field of substance use disorder treatment for over 30 years. Prior to coming to Summit, he was the Founder and CEO of Sober at Home, an online platform to help those struggling with substance use disorders.  David was the first CEO and Chief Clinical Officer at Resource Recovery Center of Orange County in New York. He also the Founded Hudson Valley Interventions. David has lead programs at nearly every level of care. His expertise has been sought out in all forms of media, and David has conducted workshops nationally and internationally. Additionally, David continues to serve as an Adjunct Professor teaching Graduate Psychology at Pace University for over 20 years.

Medical Director at Willingway

Dr. Vance Raham

Medical Director

Dr. Vance Raham assumed the role of Medical Director at Willingway in 2020, bringing profound expertise and a patient-centered ethos to our team. Holding medical licenses in both Indiana and Georgia, Dr. Vance Raham is unwavering in delivering exceptional care.

With a comprehensive background, including a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and an Associate’s degree in Pharmaceutical Technology, Dr. Vance Raham holds board certifications in OBGYN and Addiction, in addition to being a certified Medical Review Officer.

Dr. Vance Raham’s commitment transcends medicine, demonstrated by his distinguished service in the United States Air Force and Indiana Air National Guard. Rising to the rank of Captain as a Tactical Air Intelligence Officer underscores his leadership and dedication.

Within the realm of Willingway, Dr. Vance Raham discovers profound fulfillment in guiding individuals on their path to sobriety. His capacity to forge connections with patients through meaningful conversations is the cornerstone of his approach. Originating from Connersville, IN, Dr. Vance Raham places high value on family and support. He is happily married to ReGina and takes pride in being a devoted parent, which imbues his interactions with empathy and understanding.

Beyond his medical accolades, Dr. Vance Raham boasts the distinction of a three-time National Muzzleloading Pistol Champion, attesting to his diverse talents.

In his capacity as our Medical Director, Dr. Vance Raham exerts a pivotal influence in shaping compassionate care at Willingway. His commitment to patient well-being, coupled with a wealth of experiences, enriches our team profoundly.

Tracie Smith

Director of Clinical Services

Tracie Smith, Director of Clinical Services, has been with Willingway since 1987.  Tracie is a Master Addiction Counselor,  Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor II, Certified Criminal Justice Specialist, Certified Sexual Addiction Counselor, and a Certified Clinical Supervisor.  She loves the legacy of the Mooney Family and their journey of creating Willingway. Her favorite part of the job is working with treatment resistant clients and navigating the family dynamics.  Tracie’s father retired from the military, so treating the Veteran population at Willingway is special to her.

Tracie is from Norcross, GA.  She is married to her husband, Alex, and has a son in college who is working towards his degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Her and several family members are alumni of Georgia Southern and hold season tickets to support the basketball, football and baseball programs. She is also a part-time professor at Georgia Southern University.


Director of Human Services, Matthew Young,

Mat Young

Director of Human Resources

Director of Human Resources, Mat Young, started with Willingway in 2019.  He has 15 years of healthcare and human resources experience.  Mat holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Management with a Specialization in Human Resources, from Ashford University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Psychology, from Southern Utah University. Mat enjoys getting to work alongside the management team at Willingway and describes the staff as, “passionate and dedicated to helping others.” Mat has lived all over the country including California, Las Vegas, Utah, Chicago, and Nebraska. 

Mat’s true passion is professional sports: baseball, basketball, and football.  “Go Yankees!” He is the youngest of 5, and of course, the “favorite child”.  His goal in life is to visit every major league baseball stadium in the country and is a little over half-way there.

Mark Platt

Business Office Director

Business Office Director, Mark Platt, started with Willingway in October of 2017. Mark is an alumni of Emory University, where he earned his B.A. in philosophy. His favorite part about working for Willingway is the opportunity to provide the infrastructure and support for clients to receive the help they need. Having once been a patient himself, Mark deeply understands the impact of receiving help during difficult times. Being able to pay it forward and help others on their journey to recovery is a gratifying experience for him.

Mark is engaged to his fiancé Kim, and they have two children named Leah and Logan. Their family is completed by their beloved cat, Smitty. Marks personal experience as a patient has shaped his dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. Mark’s role as the Business Office Manager at Willingway allows him to contribute to the well-being and recovery of the clients the organization serves. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Mark values spending time with his family. Whether it’s engaging in outdoor activities or enjoying quiet moments at home, he cherishes the love and support they provide. Mark’s compassionate nature extends to all aspects of his life, making him a trusted and respected member of the Willingway team.

Director of Business Development at Willingway, Ashley

Ashley Faulkenberry

Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development at Willingway, Ashley brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for fostering meaningful connections in the healthcare industry. With a Masters in Business Administration from Liberty University, Ashley combines her academic prowess with seven years of hands-on experience to drive innovation and success.

Throughout her career, Ashley has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities. Her strategic insights and forward-thinking approach have led to the expansion of Willingway’s market presence and the establishment of key partnerships. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her dedication to maintaining strong client relationships and her consistent delivery of results.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Ashley is an avid tennis player. On the court, she exhibits the same determination and strategic mindset that she brings to her work. Her love for the sport reflects her competitive spirit and her drive to continuously improve and excel in all aspects of her life.

Ashley’s greatest support comes from her husband, Nathan Faulkenberry. Alongside Nathan, Ashley has also welcomed a furry companion into their lives – a charming cocker spaniel named Bogey.

Ashley Faulkenberry remains committed to driving growth and innovation within the Industry. Her academic background, coupled with her extensive industry experience, serves as a foundation for her strategic vision and results-driven approach. Ashley’s determination make her a valuable asset to the Willingway team.

Cindy Taylor

Director of Utilization Review

Cindy Taylor, Director of Utilization Review, has a passion for helping individuals overcome substance use disorders. A Georgia Southern Nursing Graduate, Cindy brings 22 years of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her favorite part of the job is engaging with the clinical and medical team to develop personalized treatment plans for each client, ultimately promoting long-term sobriety.

Originally from Virginia, Cindy is also an Army veteran who served on active duty for 7 years from 1991 to 1998. Her military background has instilled in her a deep commitment to assisting our veteran population. Cindy aims to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding these illnesses, firmly believing in the reality and attainability of recovery.

Admissions Director, Katie Rodriguez

Katie Rodriguez

Admissions Director

Admissions Director, Katie Rodriguez, has been on the Willingway team since 2018.  She has worked in all areas of medical administration for 25 years. Katie is an Alumni of the Willingway program and enjoys giving back to the community that helped save her life. 

When asked about her favorite part of working at Willingway, she says, “I am thankful every day that I get to help clients and families find the gift of recovery.” Katie is originally from New Jersey;’ however, she has lived in Georgia for 20 years.  She is married to her husband of 25 years and they share 3 children.

Brooks Adams

Case Manager

Brooks Adams, our dedicated case manager for VA patients at Willingway. With a personal journey of overcoming PTSD and addiction as a veteran, Brooks brings a unique perspective to his role. Joining our team in November 2022, he saw this opportunity as a chance to utilize his experience and make a difference. Born and raised in Statesboro, Brooks has deep roots in the community and has witnessed firsthand how Willingway has shaped the local recovery scene and extended its reach far beyond. Being part of this tradition is an absolute honor for him, and working with fellow veterans on their path to recovery is incredibly rewarding. Currently pursuing certification as an addiction counselor through the Georgia Addiction Counselors Association, Brooks is committed to providing the best support possible.

Beyond his professional life, Brooks cherishes the time spent with his wife and their blended family, which includes kids, step-kids, and grandchildren. Their shared love for the Averitt Center for the Arts in Statesboro has led them to participate in numerous artistic endeavors, from dancing and acting to singing and directing. Being deeply connected to his loved ones and the recovery community is a testament to the progress achieved through recovery. Brooks doesn’t just advocate for the message; he lives it every day.

We are proud to have Brooks Adams as an integral part of our team, bringing his passion, empathy, and personal experience to assist veterans on their journey to a healthier, happier life. His dedication to his work and commitment to his community make him an invaluable asset at Willingway.

Shareaka Green, licensed social worker, certified addiction counselor

Shareaka Green-Miller


Dr. Green-Miller is a licensed social worker, certified addiction counselor and approved clinical supervisor.  She has worked in the field of addiction in various capacities for twenty years. Her areas of expertise include gender-specific addiction and therapeutic needs of alcoholics and addicts. Dr. Miller’s interests include aiding in the advancement of research and treatment options for persons impacted by substance use disorders.

Dr. Green-Miller earned two bachelor’s degrees from Georgia Southern University and obtained her Masters of Social Work from Savannah State University in 2004. She earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in Human Services from Walden University in 2012, specializing in Family Studies and Intervention Strategies. She has various substance abuse specific certifications.