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cropped shot of two men sitting in folding chairs - veterans
One of the most complicated issues regarding addiction treatment for veterans is a pervasive code of silence. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that “Zero-tolerance policies, lack of confidentiality, and mandatory random drug testing that might deter drug use can also add to stigma, and could discourage many who need treatment from seeking...
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two little girls dressed for cold weather, holding hands and looking sad - adverse childhood experiences
We know that over the course of human history, children have suffered through tremendous events. But it’s only been in the last few decades that scientists have tried to understand how adverse childhood experiences affect adult behaviors and what can be done to improve health. What Are Adverse Childhood Experiences? From 1995 to 1997, an...
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five marijuana joints rolled in natural hemp paper
As more states legalize marijuana, especially for medical use, it’s easy to be confused about whether this drug is safe or has risks like many other substances. Here’s the bottom line: just like tobacco or alcohol, marijuana might be legal in some places, but there’s a lot to learn about its impact, especially for people...
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sky blue chalk target drawn on blackboard with a lime green dart laying on it - goals
We’ll just say it out loud: when you first enter addiction recovery, it’s often overwhelming. Everything is new and different. There’s a rush of emotions. Dealing with everything requires a different set of skills. But after about a month or so, you start to gain important clarity. And that’s when you can set goals for...
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illustration of man sitting on the ground upset - trauma
It’s no surprise that some people with trauma often turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. To treat addiction effectively, it’s critical to acknowledge traumatic incidents in a way that’s affirming, supportive, and healing—instead of letting them fester and cause more harm. The Dangers of Hidden Trauma The Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center provides this...
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sick young woman at home on telephone - hydrocodone
Hydrocodone is an opioid medication often prescribed to treat chronic pain. As an opiate, it’s also a popular street drug. Prolonged use, whether as directed by a health care provider or illicitly, can be habit forming and requires professional treatment to reduce the effects of hydrocodone withdrawal. Understanding Hydrocodone Pronounced “high-droe-KOE-dohn,” this drug is a...
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digital illustration - silhouettes of man and woman in capes against sunrise background - cartoon style - personal heroes
The people we surround ourselves with—our circle of influence, if you will—really matter for our continued well-being. But what about individuals who help us aspire to improve and grow? Where does that influence come from, and why? Let’s explore why personal heroes are important for your recovery. What a Hero Is—and Isn’t. When we were...
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woman looking at a tablet computer with young relatives in front of Christmas tree and fireplace - peace
The time between October and January is filled with dozens of holiday and cultural celebrations all around the world. One common component between them all is family. While many people can’t wait to be together, others might have some challenges. How can you have a balance of peace and community? Thoughts from the Experts on...
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cropped shot of a person's shoed feet toed up to a red line on the concrete - boundaries
Even in the most stable families, tensions can run high during the holidays. This time of year is often stressful enough with busy schedules, but old hurts or miscommunication might complicate things even more. So what do you do when a loved one’s addiction problem has caused drama in the past? Keep Boundaries Intact No...
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