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handsome and serious looking businessman holding a green glass beer bottle and a white square sign with a black question mark on it against a sky blue background - alcohol addiction
In order to lessen the stigma involving alcohol use disorder and alcohol addiction, it helps to understand the reasons contributing to it. Addiction specialists are more dedicated than ever to address AUD based on an individual’s background, contributing risks, and other factors to ensure better recovery. What Is Alcohol Use Disorder? The National Institute on...
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stack of colorful notes with a question mark on the top blue one - rehab facility
In the U.S., fewer than 10 percent of the 30 million people with addiction seek treatment. Why this statistic rarely changes is complicated, but often hinges on the quality of treatment, the social misconceptions of addiction, and knowing what you or a loved one deserve for essential care. When searching for a rehab facility, here...
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round white tablets spilling out of prescription bottle and onto a couple of one hundred dollar bills - oxycodone
In 2020, according to Georgia’s Office of the Attorney General, our state was “among the top 11 states with the most opioid overdose deaths, and 55 Georgia counties have an overdose rate higher than the national average.” There are numerous narcotics that put people at risk, and oxycodone is one of them. What Is Oxycodone?...
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young woman doing an advanced yoga pose at home - holistic therapies
A successful part of recovery is shaping your daily life with intention, not reaction. Holistic practices make this easier for many people, especially when certain methods establish grounding and promote calm. What Does Holistic Mean? A structured day doesn’t have to be rigid, but it’s essential to your well-being to have routines and rituals that...
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middle age man sitting at home on the couch drinking a bottled beer, looking rather unhealthy - health
Addiction is a brain disease that, while not curable, can be managed effectively. However, excessive use of substances or alcohol is also a major contributing factor to additional—and often serious—medical issues. For some people, the road to better health is much more complicated as a result. Damage to Your Health Caused by Drugs & Alcohol...
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illustration of man bound in chains - his shadow has broken free - meth addiction
Methamphetamine, also referred to as crystal meth or meth, is a highly-addictive stimulant that has serious consequences for an individual’s brain and nervous system. Understanding the symptoms of meth dependency in yourself or a loved one is critical to get the proper treatment, especially so withdrawal symptoms aren’t so challenging. Facts About Methamphetamine The DEA...
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mom and son looking at a laptop on an airplane - parents
Substance abuse impacts teens psychologically, emotionally, and physically. The teenage years are already challenging due to continued brain growth and development, hormonal imbalances, and peer pressure. If a child develops an addiction, they often need a support system to get them through it. Parents, friends, family members, teachers, or other mentors can prove to be...
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double exposure effect of woman suffering from guilt and shame and letting it go
Do you know that shame and guilt aren’t the same feelings? More importantly, shame can actually hamper your recovery process, while guilt can create a new path of healing, especially once you’re able to release it. How might this happen? Understanding the Differences Between Guilt & Shame In 2012, professor and researcher Brené Brown, now...
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pretty woman with a bob haircut smiling at the camera outdoors with the sun behind her - faith
Faith is frequently at the crossroads of addiction and recovery. But is it an all-or-nothing proposition? Will the power of faith, however you choose to define it, reinforce your goals and help make sobriety easier? It depends on your perspective. What Defines Faith? For many people in recovery, participating in 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics...
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