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group of diverse friends having coffee at outdoor cafe together - sober living
Once you’ve made the decision to be sober and free from chemical dependency, it’s almost as though you’re a unicorn wandering among a herd of regular horses. You’re similar, but also different. And sometimes people might not treat you the same if they don’t understand your journey. This doesn’t mean you can’t have satisfying life...
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colorful paper party hats sitting on white wooden table - fun
Many people in early recovery wonder if they can still have fun without drugs or alcohol. They feel life might not be as exciting or interesting without some type of social lubricant. But how do we define what’s fun anyway? Let’s find out! What Is Fun? Like humor, what you might consider pleasurable, amusing, lighthearted,...
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closeup of Asian woman with her eyes closed - mindfulness
Without a doubt, there are days when too many thoughts zoom through our brains at once. The to-do list seems endless, time demands are considerable, and it’s as though we’re splitting ourselves into multiple directions. One way to return (or retreat—however you want to look at it!) to a calm center is through mindfulness. What...
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closeup of pill on person's tongue; brightly colored lights reflect on their face - club drugs
Some people have never heard of club drugs, much less taken them, but it’s important to know that they have serious repercussions. Addiction can occur even after short-term use, as can a lot of other illnesses and side effects. What Are Club Drugs? According to American Family Physician (AFP), club drugs are various psychoactive chemicals...
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woman holding white sign with black question mark on it against pink background - willpower
One of the most common misconceptions about addiction is that anyone should be able to quit if only they put their mind to it. As advances in addiction science continue to educate all of us about this brain disease, it’s easier to clarify at what point willpower plays a role in sobriety. Understanding Willpower What...
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meeting room at Willingway set up to watch TV and play Scrabble - Willingway - Georgia co-occurring disorder treatment
A spirit of service has animated the work of Willingway since its founding in 1971. As Willingway celebrates 50 years of helping people overcome substance use disorders, our commitment to personalized, evidence-based, compassionate care continues to drive our work. We are proud of our history and excited for the future as we help individuals reclaim...
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handsome young Black man sitting on the edge of his bed looking distraught - clonazepam withdrawal
Clonazepam—also referred to by the brand name Klonopin—is a central nervous system depressant often prescribed to help people manage conditions such as anxiety disorder, insomnia, panic disorder, seizures, and social phobias. Considered a controlled substance by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), clonazepam might cause emotional and physical dependence. Clonazepam: What You Need to Know...
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Vance A. Raham - Medical Director at Willingway
Military veterans and active service members put their lives on the line for the benefit of others. However, when their lives are at risk due to addiction or mental health disorders, many of them feel they have nowhere to turn for confidential, evidence-based treatment. The Difference You’ll Find at Willingway Our inpatient rehabilitation facility, outpatient...
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senior man with his head in one hand and cell phone in the other - Ativan addiction
Ativan is a prescription medication frequently given to patients to induce a calming or tranquilizing effect. Classified in a category of drugs known as benzodiazepines, it can be addictive if not properly monitored. If you or a loved one has Ativan dependency, you’ll likely need professional treatment to reduce the impact of withdrawal symptoms. Facts...
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