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Willingway Hospital offers the highest quality addiction treatment care and is an exceptional partner for referring physicians, interventionists, and other healthcare professionals.

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Willingway is not just a typical rehab center. As a Joint Commission-accredited, licensed specialty hospital with a high level of medical sophistication and addiction medicine physicians on staff, Willingway is ideal for referral of complicated cases such as high-level methadone addiction and other difficult detoxifications. Willingway handles dual diagnosis cases by establishing a true mental health and chemical-free baseline from which an accurate assessment and diagnosis can be made. Our physicians maintain a healthy respect for the significance of psychiatric illness and the reality of co-occurring disorders. As a substance abuse treatment facility, the proficiency with which we diagnose and treat people who suffer from addiction allows us the opportunity to work with experts in the field of psychiatry and refer the more complex dually diagnosed clients to these professionals.

Your client will be well cared for at Willingway. Our full continuum of care includes:

  • Pre-Admission assessment
  • Medical detoxification
  • Long-term inpatient residential
  • Short-term inpatient residential
  • Extended-treatment services
  • Outpatient services
  • Continuing care


The cost of Willingway is calculated by determining a client’s medical condition, length of stay, insurance coverage and other variables. Willingway does work with interventionists and other healthcare professionals to streamline the cost of addiction treatment.


Willingway is accessible from both Savannah International Airport and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Clients and families can be met upon arrival in Savannah by a Willingway staff member and transported to the treatment center.

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  • “I could use all the same cliches about how Willingway saved my life or Willingway gave me a life or loved me until I could love myself. I could say all of those and more and they are all true. But as I am writing this I am sitting in my office in Melitopol, Ukraine. I use the counseling skills here that were used with me. I teach the treatment methods that were taught to me. 5500 miles away from Statesboro, Georgia and Willingway Hospital, the mission of Dot and Doctor John is still being carried out. There are people here that are alive and sober because of what Willingway did for me.”

  • “If someone told me in April of 2009 what my life would be like today I would have told them that they were nuts! I cannot adequately describe how hollow I was inside the day I reluctantly walked into Willingway, but I get a huge smile on my face when I think about how dramatically my life has changed since that day. All thanks to an amazing group of dedicated people who I now consider my guardian angels. Willingway and long-term treatment saved my life and believe it or not, I even acquired a Southern accent (albeit short-lived) to bring home!”

    New Jersey

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