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Willingway’s New Adolescent Therapist - Denise Hill
Denise Hill, LCSW, MAC, helps teens with a wide range of behavioral issues Willingway’s CEO, Cherie Tolley, has always had a passion for helping adolescents and, when she took over the reins of Willingway, one of her goals was to form a program specifically designed for teens under the Willingway umbrella. That dream is being...
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Treating Chronic Pain: When Opiates Aren't the Answer - grayscale woman hurt shoulder red added
Throughout history, medical professionals have struggled to understand how people experience pain. The difference between an individual’s perception of pain and a physician’s assessment of that perception have made this a challenging task. The popular care response has been to provide whatever medication comes close to alleviating the most symptoms. This gives the patient a...
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Man meditating outdoors - Ways to Prevent Relapse
There’s not a tried and true method for preventing relapse: just a series of reminders that help you focus on wellness. Too often, people don’t understand that the work someone puts into recovery only begins with specialized treatment. Afterward, each day requires you to use techniques learned in rehabilitation to stay focused on your value,...
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Returning to Work After Rehab - people working in an office
Returning to work after substance abuse treatment has a number of implications. On one hand, being back on the job may be just the right structure someone in recovery needs to stabilize a new way of life. He or she may appreciate the opportunity to be productive, enjoy aspects of a fulfilling career, take care...
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How Exercise Helps Sobriety - woman stretching
Why is exercise good for you? One primary reason is because movement increases the flow of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Endorphins are essential hormones that promote feelings of pleasure and reduce pain. If you’re familiar with the term runner’s high, it’s in reference to the flood of endorphins produced in your body through intense exercise....
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Talking to Loved Ones About Their Addiction - two men talking
When someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it puts you in a difficult position. You’re on the front lines of battle, dealing with his or her behavior in a variety of negative ways: Increasing ill health Uncharacteristic behaviors, such as irresponsibility, lying, stealing, excessive promiscuity, and gambling Safety concerns for your loved...
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How to Use Insurance for Addiction Treatment - health insurance approved
Cost can be an important issue if you are considering addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. Many people wonder whether insurance covers substance abuse help. Addiction is a disease and insurers cover it like other medical conditions today. Insurance Companies Required to Cover Addiction Treatment Under the Affordable Care Act and Mental Health...
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Signs of Prescription Drug Overdose - prescription pills
A common misperception about prescription and over-the counter (OTC) drugs is that they are safe because they have legitimate medical uses. Although these drugs can be tremendously helpful in treating the conditions for which they were designed, when misused these same drugs can cause great physical harm or even death. Collectively, prescription and OTC drugs...
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Opioid Crisis in the News - watching the news
If you’ve watched network news, opened a newspaper or smartphone, or checked Twitter or Facebook recently, it’s likely you’ve come across some startling news about opioids. This dangerous substance has gotten a lot of media attention. It’s nearly impossible to avoid and can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you or a loved one is grappling with...
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Does Addiction Run in the Family?
Can you inherit an “addictive personality” from your parents? In other words, to what degree do our genetics affect our likelihood of developing a substance use disorder? This is a question that sparks both debate and confusion. Continue reading for some insight on the topic of genes and addiction. Let’s explore the question: Does addiction...
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