Lee Street

Extended Treatment Services for Women

Lee Street is designed for women who have a basic desire to be sober but are in need of additional structure and accountability in order to succeed. This program offers a greater focus on the practical application of recovery and life skills. Residents participate in two group therapy sessions per week and individual counseling biweekly. The goal of this program is to guide women as they apply the principles of recovery in their daily lives. Women in this program are actively involved in the 12-Step recovery community and participate in volunteer work and recreational activities. Residents are allowed to begin working full-time when clinically approved with an emphasis on moving towards financial independence.

A full-time certified addictions counselor serves as the program manager and is assisted by an extended treatment aide. A house manager lives on property, providing additional support and accountability on nights and weekends. Additionally, senior peers take on greater responsibility as they progress through the program. The average length of stay at Lee Street is one year to 18 months.

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Extended Treatment Services

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