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It’s Coming to Homecoming:

The Story of How it All Began – When Two Loves Collide
The dramatic and powerful new book about the founders of Willingway, Dr. John and Dot Mooney, titled “When Two Loves Collide,” will make its initial debut at Willingway Homecoming Weekend, April 26-28, 2013.

While its official publication date is April 30, the exciting new book—already called by some book reviewers “a must read” for every family in America—will be available for all alumni and their families at the fun and informative annual event at Willingway addiction treatment center in Statesboro, Georgia.

“When Two Loves Collide” will be offered at a discount to alumni and their families because Willingway and its founders have played such a vital role in the lives of all who come through the highly respected addiction treatment center. Since Dr. John and Dot Mooney opened this first addiction hospital in the country dedicated totally to the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction in 1971, thousands of lives of alcoholics and drug addicts have been saved and thousands of families restored from addiction.

Written by well-known author and screenwriter, William G. Borchert, who was nominated for an Emmy Award for writing the movie, “My Name Is Bill W.” and “When Love is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story”, the book is a moving and inspiring tale of love, commitment, alcohol and drug addiction and recovery.

Dr. John Mooney, Jr. came home from World War II a highly decorated Army surgeon who had saved the lives of many wounded soldiers even though wounded himself. He took alcohol and drugs to kill his own pain. He married a beautiful, fun-loving young nurse named Dorothy Carolyn Riggs and soon their passionate love for each other began to collide with their passionate love and addiction for alcohol and drugs. Their addictions created sheer chaos, affecting their children, the physician’s surgical and medical practice, their families, friends and neighbors and almost cost them their lives.

Dr. John was sent to prison for writing himself illegal prescriptions for narcotics. It was there he found the miracle of recovery, brought it home to Dot and together they dedicated the rest of their lives to helping others recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

The book’s author, who is also a Trustee of the non-profit Willingway Foundation, will be on hand at Homecoming for a special book signing event that will also include the daughter and three sons of the founders. The author of “When Two Loves Collide” also wrote the movies, “My Name Is Bill W.” starring James Garner and James Woods and “When Love Is Not Enough” starring Wynona Ryder and Barry Pepper. He has written a number of other books including “A Skyline Is A Promise,” “The Lois Wilson Story:When Love Is Not Enough,” “50 Miracles That Changed Lives,” “Sought Through Prayer and Meditation” and “1,000 Years of Sobriety.”

When Two Loves Collide, a book about addiction, recovery and love, is available for purchase at

Jimmy Mooney Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Georgia Honors Willingway Chairman, Jimmy Mooney, with Prestigious Statewide Hospital Heroes Lifetime Achievement Award

More than 150 Georgia politicians, hospital officials, physicians, family members and friends gathered at a luncheon in Atlanta on December 4 to honor Mr. Jimmy Mooney, Willingway’s Board Chairman, with the prestigious Georgia Hospital Heroes Lifetime Achievement Award.
In presenting the award to the Willingway chairman who was the only individual statewide to receive the honor, Mr. Joseph Parker, President of the Georgia Hospital Association said it was for his outstanding work in helping suffering alcoholics and addicts find sobriety.

“Jimmy Mooney is an outstanding role model for recovering alcoholics, being sober himself for more than 25 years,” Parker said. “His commitment to helping others find sobriety has made a great and positive impact on his community and health care as a whole. He is a much-deserving recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.”

The GHA president went on to comment that Jimmy Mooney’s dedication to helping alcoholics and addicts in their recovery goes far beyond the walls of his hospital. He was one of the initiators of the Center for Addiction Recovery, a program that helps college students recover from alcohol and drug addiction. The program provides students in addiction recovery the opportunity to take full advantage of the collegiate experience while minimizing the risk of relapse.

Parker further noted that the Willingway addiction treatment executive was also honored with the Deen Day Smith Services to Mankind award in 2010 which recognizes the important community service of individuals in Statesboro and Bulloch County, Georgia.

Founded by Jimmy Mooney’s parents, Dr. John and Dot Mooney in 1971, Jimmy began working for Willingway addiction treatment center in 1980, holding many positions from Data Processing Manager to Business Director to Chief Executive Officer.

During his tenure as Willingway CEO from 1996 to 2011 when he became Chairman, he ensured the family atmosphere and philosophy begun by his parents would always be maintained together with staff sensitivity and recovery from the three-fold disease of addiction—body, mind and spirit. As a result, Willingway continues to be one of the most recommended alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers in the country.

Commenting himself on receiving the prestigious award, the Willingway Chairman said:
“It was an unexpected honor to receive such a great and meaningful award. I never even expected to be nominated for it much less to receive it. When it comes to helping others recover from their addiction to alcohol and drugs, I consider myself especially privileged since I am walking in my parents’ footsteps and carrying on their legacy.”

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