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Statesboro, Georgia Teen Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center

Addiction Treatment Program

For Teenagers (Ages 14-18)

The Pines at Willingway offers a comprehensive treatment program that encompasses detoxification, residential treatment, and partial hospitalization services for adolescents and young adults (ages 14-18) dealing with a substance use problem.

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We know that finding effective and safe addiction treatment for a teenager can be a frustrating task during a time of high stress and anxiety. In many cases, trust among family members has been broken, and the client may have gotten in trouble in school or with law enforcement. Family members are desperate to provide their child with the help he or she needs to get healthy and get back on track.


At The Pines, we understand. We are part of a network of addiction treatment centers across the country and have access to some of the top experts in the field of substance use. Our history and our knowledge are unparalleled, and we are eager to share our expertise with teens who need our help.


Our core philosophy is based on the following beliefs: addiction is a complex disease that is a combination of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors; effective treatment of addiction requires that all of these life areas be addressed with a wide variety of therapeutic techniques and identification of individual relapse risk factors.


All treatment is provided at a free-standing program on the same campus as Willingway Hospital in a new building designed to meet the needs of a high-risk population. Our private campus includes walking trails and a small pond, and we provide therapeutic activities designed specifically for adolescents. The Pines also has an indoor pool where clients will be allowed to swim daily.

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As a free-standing treatment program for teens ages 14-18, we work only with clients who have chemical dependency or drug use that has severely affected major areas of their life–family, school, and social relationships.

Our first goal is to help the client through a safe medical detoxification that is monitored 24 hours per day by trained professionals. Our staff uses appropriate medications to ease any discomfort that occurs during this process.

Residential Treatment

Upon completion of detox, clients will be transitioned to the residential treatment level of care with a more intensive focus on their individual treatment needs.

During treatment, clients will experience group work and individual therapy, where they will address denial, learn about the disease concept of addiction, and identify their relapse risk factors.

Prior to successful graduation from the program, clients will:

  • Develop a commitment to a lifelong 12-Step process
  • Understand the need to abstain from addictive substances
  • Actively use tools to continue growth and development consistent with the 12-Step principles
  • Follow the principles of fellowship, honesty, dignity, and responsibility
  • Eevelop tools needed to engage in positive, healthy behaviors that include resisting peer pressure

While treatment provides a strong foundation for successful recovery, recovery is an ongoing process. Prior to discharge after at least 30 days of treatment, clients will be connected to hometown resources for follow-up therapy, AA meetings, and medical treatment as needed. Referrals to outpatient treatment or a step-down program will also be made for the client. This linkage is crucial to helping the client carry on the principles of recovery that they learned while in the program.

Successful treatment and recovery must also include the family members who are most involved in and affected by the teen’s substance use. Family members will be invited to educational sessions during the last week of treatment to learn more about the disease of addiction and their role in ongoing recovery. The individual resources, constraints, and socioeconomic factors of each client and family will be taken into consideration when a plan for treatment and continuing care is being developed.


Since this is an Teen Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program, clients will be expected to stay up-to-date on their classwork during their stay at The Pines. They will remain enrolled in their home school, and work will be provided and completed on site.

Although Willingway does not have an on-site school, we will work with the student’s school district to place them in the medical homebound program. Two hours of each day will be dedicated to school work.

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Follow-up Care

Following successful completion of the residential program, clients will begin using TRAC9, a secure web app that uses a series of standardized assessments to identify changes in depression, anxiety, stress, visual response to cravings, verbal response to cravings, spirituality, commitment to sobriety, optimism, and quality of life. The assessments are collected on a weekly basis and track the user’s responses to predict the likelihood of a relapse. The results are charted in an easy-to-read graph that shows the client’s progress or the need for additional recovery work.

When changes are noted, the client’s clinician is automatically notified that follow-up is needed.

The Pines will also participate in MAPP, an aftercare support program provided to the client for 90 days after discharge.

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