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group of diverse friends having coffee at outdoor cafe together - sober living
Once you’ve made the decision to be sober and free from chemical dependency, it’s almost as though you’re a unicorn wandering among a herd of regular horses. You’re similar, but also different. And sometimes people might not treat you the same if they don’t understand your journey. This doesn’t mean you can’t have satisfying life...
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closeup of Asian woman with her eyes closed - mindfulness
Without a doubt, there are days when too many thoughts zoom through our brains at once. The to-do list seems endless, time demands are considerable, and it’s as though we’re splitting ourselves into multiple directions. One way to return (or retreat—however you want to look at it!) to a calm center is through mindfulness. What...
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woman holding white sign with black question mark on it against pink background - willpower
One of the most common misconceptions about addiction is that anyone should be able to quit if only they put their mind to it. As advances in addiction science continue to educate all of us about this brain disease, it’s easier to clarify at what point willpower plays a role in sobriety. Understanding Willpower What...
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meeting room at Willingway set up to watch TV and play Scrabble - Willingway - Georgia co-occurring disorder treatment
A spirit of service has animated the work of Willingway since its founding in 1971. As Willingway celebrates 50 years of helping people overcome substance use disorders, our commitment to personalized, evidence-based, compassionate care continues to drive our work. We are proud of our history and excited for the future as we help individuals reclaim...
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woman sitting on edge of her bed with hand on her head - antidepressants
While antidepressants aren’t categorized as addictive substances, you should still be cautious about stopping or switching medication. Here are some points to remember when discussing a change with your healthcare provider. Why Most People Take Antidepressants The majority of individuals prescribed antidepressants have some form of clinical depression, often the result of a combination of...
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computer drawn 3D illustration of a tiny pillow inside a pill capsule - ambien
Prescription sleep aids aren’t supposed to be addictive, but when people have problems with chronic insomnia, they often use these drugs in ways that differ from doctors’ recommendations. They might also use them to get high. A commonly misused sleep medication is Ambien. If someone becomes reliant on Ambien, they’ll likely need professional treatment to...
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pretty smiling woman listening to headphones connected to tablet computer - podcasts
Once considered a novel pastime called “audio blogging,” podcasts are now a popular form of entertainment, news, and inspiration. At this writing, there are more than one million podcasts, and approximately 68 million people in the U.S. listen to a podcast every week. What’s the Appeal? Podcasts are easily accessible and transportable. Many people appreciate...
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senior Black couple doing stretching exercises on mats together - exercise
Here’s a fast fact: exercise and substance use both activate the release of dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. So if you’re considering new sober living choices, the natural “runner’s high” you get from regular movement is one of your best tools for long-lasting recovery. Exercise: Good for Body and Mind How can something so simple have...
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large family gathered around holiday meal - relatives
There you are, standing by the buffet table at your grandmother’s house, when Uncle Fred slips up beside you and says, “So! You’re fresh out of rehab! How ya’ feelin’?” Now what? Whether you’re gathered with family during the holiday season or helping your cousin move across town, don’t be surprised if people want to...
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person holding blue book - working the steps
Tips for Working the 12 Steps So you completed inpatient rehabilitation facility treatment and learned about a 12-Step program. Maybe you even have a program sponsor from whom you receive helpful guidance for your recovery. Ultimately, though, “working the steps” is a soulful, individual journey that requires courage, diligence, and humility. Here are some tips...
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