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woman whispering in her twin's ear - self-talk
Even during our sunniest moods, there can be a slight shadow. It might be for something minor: “Geeez, I was rude not letting that driver pass.” Or a situation more major: “I’m sure the boss thinks I’m an idiot for speaking up like that.” Negative Self-Talk is Common Few of us are immune to negative...
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several people at party - some drinking and some not - parties
You Can Stay Focused and Have Fun Sometimes, resisting the urge to drink is more than just saying no. You need solid intention and a step-by-step plan to stay focused on goals and avoid relapse. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sober socializing, holiday parties, or other large celebratory gatherings. However, you do need to...
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fresh flowers and herbs on white background - holistic
Society has come a long way from the “take two aspirin and call me in the morning” wellness approach. Evolving information about maintaining good health appears in the news all the time. While some options might be a tad suspect—harkening back to the days of traveling salesmen with snake oil and mysterious elixirs—modern science supports...
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black and white - hand curled in pain on leg or back - closeup - pain
When people recover from substance abuse, everything isn’t automatically okay. It might be hard to hear that, but it’s essential to understand that your body and mind went through major changes because of drugs or alcohol. This fact is one of the primary reasons why people are cautioned not to quit cold turkey, but instead...
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wooden figurines on chess board - rehab
Getting Along No matter who we are or what we’ve experienced, we’re not going to get along with everyone. There will always be people in our lives who are oil to our water; we just have a hard time mixing with them, regardless of how we feel about them. There are dozens of reasons why...
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group of volunteers planting a tree - giving back
Recovery Health There are dozens of ways to maintain your health. You can eat nutritious food and exercise on a regular basis. Spending quality time in nature is always a good boost. Building a supportive community is also beneficial to your wellbeing. Another way to influence your health is to volunteer. Giving back helps define...
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watercolor painting of blue crowd of people with orange person in the middle - group therapy
Comfort Levels Many people don’t feel comfortable sharing their business with others. Regardless of what “oversharers” do on social media, other people prefer to keep personal matters to themselves. This attitude may be a deliberate choice, a reflection of how they were raised, or perhaps a sign that they don’t trust other individuals to value...
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triumphant man standing looking out at mountains during sunset - quotes and affirmations
“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt. In a brief moment, your emotions shifted a bit when you read that quote. Maybe it doesn’t resonate with you…but if it does, how do you feel? Thoughtful? Curious? Relieved? Positive Results Not everyone uses quotes and affirmations to affect change in their lives. Nevertheless,...
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two young men talking in lively coffee shop - sponsor
A 12-Step program is successful for many reasons. You’re surrounded by people who understand what you’re going through. You have a network to turn to if you need to work out a problem. You can socialize comfortably. You have accountability, and help others stay focused on their intentions as well. Another benefit of a 12-Step...
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serious woman looking at camera - women
Men and women are equal, but different. Women have three unique challenges when living with a substance use disorder (SUD). The female body metabolizes drugs and alcohol more quickly and often at higher rates than the male body because of physiological differences. Approximately one in three women experience some form of physical, emotional, or sexual...
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