These Inspirational Books Show the Power of Resilience

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In those moments when we feel like no one understands what we’ve been through, the power of story can reconnect us. It’s less reliance on the old adage “misery loves company” and more the importance of knowing we’re not alone in our recovery journey, and that everyone has the incredible fortitude to rise from suffering, heal, and begin again.

Inspirational Books With Messages of Redemption & Hope

While some people might not have the exact experiences as we do, their stories help shape a narrative of perseverance and success.

And Now I Spill the Family Secrets by Margaret Kimball

After her mother attempted suicide on Mother’s Day, Kimball’s family never talked about the incident—for decades. But it wasn’t the only secret left unspoken, including various relatives with mental illness and addiction. In this illustrated memoir, Kimball outlines what drives loved ones apart, and what might keep them together.

Long Walk Out of the Woods: A Physician’s Story of Addiction, Depression, Hope and Recovery by Adam B. Hill

In the throes of despair and disillusionment with the culture of medicine, culminating in a spiral of depression, alcoholism, and an active suicidal plan, Hill—pediatric oncologist and palliative care physician—then lost a colleague to suicide, which nearly broke him. He shares how he came back to life and uses this book to identify the barriers standing in the way of mental health and substance use recovery.

Mind Over Moment: Harness the Power of Resilience by Anne Grady

Grady, an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker, provides a science-based approach in this book that allows you to become aware of your habits, beliefs, and behaviors to determine whether they’re supporting the life you want—or sabotaging it. She became fascinated with studying the brain and neurodevelopment while searching for treatment options for her son after he was diagnosed with severe mental illness and autism. Full of strategies and practical tools, the goal is to help you reduce anxiety, reactivity, and stress, and design a life of purpose.

I’m Black and I’m Sober: The Timeless Story of a Women’s Journey Back to Sanity by Chaney Allen

Released in 1978, the book jacket reads “the first autobiography written by a Black alcoholic woman.” Allen wrote in her author’s note that she recalls hearing James Brown’s iconic song “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” 10 years before and thinking that it “makes her feel like “a disgrace to [her] people … I’m Black and I’m drunk! I don’t feel proud,” she writes. Once she had this realization, she not only entered recovery, she thrived. She founded the California Black Commission on Alcoholism as well as the California Women’s Commission on Alcoholism. In other initiatives, she continues to champion for better care within the BIPOC community.

Dear William: A Father’s Memoir of Addiction, Recovery, Love, and Loss by David Magee

In a newspaper interview in 2021, shortly after this book debuted, Magee said, “There’s a whole lot of pain in the story but in the end, there’s a whole lot of redemption.” Not only did he suffer the tragic death of his son from an accidental drug overdose, but he also had to face his personal substance abuse and his family’s intergenerational difficulties with mood disorders and substance misuse—and how these patterns repeat with his children. Magee founded the William Magee Institute for Wellness Education at the University of Mississippi as a way to provide connection and hope to high school and college students.

Six Funerals and a Wedding: A Memoir by Mary Twomey Odgers

Over the course of just 14 months, a wildfire destroyed Odgers’ home, and she experienced the devastating loss of multiple family members. In this book, she details not only the tragedies, but how she emerged from them with a bolder, more compassionate, more grateful outlook—and hope for the future. Odgers, a registered nurse and certified grief counselor, writes, “Being a victim is the aftermath of most tragedies. However, what we do with that status in life can be life-giving or life-taking.”

God and Starbucks: An NBA Superstar’s Journey Through Addiction and Recovery by Vin Baker

For more than a decade, Vin Baker was an NBA All-Star, an Olympic Gold medalist, and a multimillionaire. But the preacher’s son was also high-functioning with severe alcohol and drug use. Eventually, addiction robbed him of his career, his health, and his fortune. But hitting the proverbial rock bottom allowed him to transform, stepping back into his relationship with God and managing a Starbucks to recalibrate his life. Still sober, he’s now the assistant coach for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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