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On this page you will find a listing of all Willingway blog articles in the recovery category.

How Good Nutrition Helps Your Sobriety - bowl of salad with a fork
Information about the power of proper nutrition to promote vitality and health is readily available. Yet many of us still reach for a lot of the gooey, salty, sugary stuff. Instead of thinking of food as nourishing fuel, we often use it as comfort; for immediate gratification; or as a way to placate feelings we...
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Healing through Connection: A View Inside the Women’s Residence with Autumn Altamirano - willingway women's residence
Autumn Altamirano, CCS, CAC II, a WW alumna, has worked at Willingway for the last 15 years, getting her start on Unit I as a Nurse Aide/Ward Secretary. Autumn soon became an Outpatient Counselor once she began to pursue a career in the clinical field and was ultimately promoted to Program Director of The Women’s...
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Myth: Smoking Cigarettes Will Help Me In Rehab - putting out cigarette
Who smokes anymore? Cigarette smoke and recovery have long been associated. However, with thorough and pervasive anti-smoking campaigns spanning the country over the past few decades, who really smokes anymore? In 2015, it was reported that 31 percent of the general population still regularly smoked. That number was nearly three times higher — 84 percent...
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Writing for Awareness, Self, and Recovery - man writing in journal
Sometimes talking about our days’ darkest and brightest moments is a challenge. Sometimes it’s difficult to find someone to listen. Sometimes we need some precious alone time. At these moments, there is still potential to sit and productively process our thoughts. That’s where journaling comes in. What is journaling? Journals are a collection of our...
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The Power of Online Recovery Communities - girl typing on laptop
Recovery can begin long before you enter the halls of a professional recovery center. There are a host of resources available to you and your loved ones that can make a difference on the road to a sustainable, healthy, sober life. Some of the most powerful resources out there are free of charge and accessible...
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Women's Residence - living area - Willingway Addiction Treatment Center in Georgia -
You or someone you love have made the sometimes difficult but always important decision to check into a substance abuse recovery facility. You’re ready to take this big step into leading a life free from addiction, but you still have one pressing question: How do you know what facility is right for you? The recovery...
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6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Recovery - man meditating at sunset
Once you leave the structured environment of a drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll be tasked with managing your recovery independently. Keep in mind the following tips to help you stay on the right path. 1. Focus on the Present When you’re in recovery, it’s tempting to want to dwell on past mistakes or worry about...
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Understanding and Avoiding Common Relapse Triggers - woman with thinking gears
Congratulations, you’ve graduated! You’ve reached the goals you set out to achieve in a treatment facility. You’re sober and ready to step into the next phase of recovery. You’re feeling healthy with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear head! This is great news, but there lurk those elements of your life that started...
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Recovering from Alcohol Abuse - happy man - willingway
Recovering from alcohol abuse can seem like a long and arduous journey at the beginning. The truth is, millions of men and women have recovered, which means it is possible for anyone who is willing. Willingness is all it takes to get started on this pathway to a sober lifestyle. Even though not drinking is...
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