Sober Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

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A Little History

The storied history of Valentine’s Day isn’t actually all that romantic. It involves persecution, execution, and—well, let’s just leave it at that! It evolved slightly in pagan times from the late-winter fertility festival of Lupercalia, during which women and men joined together to form unions, and agricultural rituals fostered the hope of abundant crops.

According to The History Channel, people of the Middle Ages believed this time of year prompted birds and other creatures to mate. Geoffrey Chaucer, author of The Canterbury Tales, referenced romance on Valentine’s Day in a poem called “Parliament of Foules” in 1375.

Exchanging affectionate notes and gifts for Valentine’s Day became more popular in the 1600s in many countries, including the United States, Australia, England, Canada, France, and Mexico. Many of the customs we’re familiar with today, such as elaborate printed cards, candy, and flowers, were the norm by the early 1900s.

Valentine’s Day isn’t a “have to” celebration for a lot of people—after all, any day is a good day to be romantic! But if you and your loved one want some new ideas for togetherness that reflect your healthy choices and recovery, we’re happy to pull back Cupid’s bow.

Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day—or Anytime

From couples’ hideaways to notes in a lunch bag, whenever you choose to invest time and attention in your partner is a positive action that’s emotionally beneficial. No kidding, right? But in the whirlwind of everyday life, sometimes it’s more challenging to fan a spark into a flame. Romance doesn’t often happen spontaneously, notes psychologist Rachel Needle at South University.

“Get rid of the myth that these things should just happen spontaneously and that there is something wrong with the relationship because you are not all over each other every minute, as when you began the relationship,” Needle says. “The truth is that you have to put in time and energy and make a conscious effort to sustain the relationship and the passion.”

So while you might need a quick tip for that particular February date, also consider how many opportunities you have throughout the year to share affirming moments with your partner.

If you want to relax…

Sometimes you don’t need all the hoopla to reconnect. Consider:

  • Reading aloud to one another. Seems so 19th century, right? But it creates an opportunity to get to know your partner better and to be vulnerable with them as you respond emotionally to what you’re reading.
  • Stargazing. A popular activity in our beautiful state indoors and out, it provides an introspective opportunity for deeper discussion.
  • Getting cheesy. Play all your favorite romantic songs. Talk about your top five best dates with each other. Recreate the menu from your first dinner out. Find old pictures of early times together. Just open up and enjoy one another.

If you like socializing…

Not every date has to be a solo couple excursion if you have other people whose company you enjoy. Try:

If you need to get away…

Leave the family, work, and other obligations behind for an overnight or weekend getaway. Consider:

  • A trip to Sapelo Island, which is just off the coast and only accessible by ferry. The 11-mile strip features the beautiful Reynolds Mansion, quiet beaches, and other amenities.
  • Renting a cottage at Forrest Hills Resort in Dahlonega. Private Jacuzzis, carriage rides, and candlelight dinners are just a few enticements.
  • Climbing up to the Diamond Oaks Treehouse in Savannah. It’s a treehouse. You can watch the stars. It’s funky and fun.

If you’re minding the budget…

You can still create special moments of togetherness. Try:

  • Chamber of Commerce sites for not only where you live, but also other areas that promote museums, festivals, parks, and other free activities. Atlanta has a great one.
  • A backyard movie theatre. With a small investment in a smartphone projector, a white sheet, a Bluetooth speaker, lawn chairs, and snacks (and probably some bug repellent!), you’ve created a unique cinematic experience.
  • Play board games. When’s the last time you cleared the dining room table, set up a board, and played into the wee hours of the night? Or you could partner up in a board game club, like this one for Go—which has many aficionados in Georgia.

If you’re health conscious…

It’s true: the couple that sweats together keeps love flowing! Consider:

  • Learning to tango. If you haven’t shared an intimate dance experience since your wedding, this dynamic language of love should do the trick. There are many Arthur Murray Dance Centers in the Peach State.
  • Kangoo Jumps fitness classes, like the ones at Bounce Fitness Club in Atlanta. Yes, you’re actually bounding around on special boots. Watch the video!
  • Archery Tag. It’s like dodgeball, only the balls are on the ends of arrows. What? Here’s a peek.

If you’d like a little surprise…

Add some zip to your everyday routine with a few options. Try:

  • Mailing something special. Whether to home or the workplace, just the simple act of opening something concealed—even if it’s just a card out of the blue—heightens anticipation.
  • Telling your partner how to dress, but no other details about the date. Then treat them to something they really enjoy or a new-to-both-of-you adventure.
  • Hide love note clues around the house leading up to “the big reveal.” Use your imagination on this one!

Willingway Wishes You Love and Happiness

We’re proud of the work you’re doing to stay sober, connected, and invested in your relationship. Enjoy!

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