Substance Use Disorder

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Substance Use Disorder Blog Articles at Willingway Hospital address a variety of topics, including treatments, tips and advice, and the effects of addiction.

ecstasy, club drug, closeup of pill on person's tongue; brightly colored lights reflect on their face - club drugs
Some people have never heard of club drugs, much less taken them, but it’s important to know that they have serious repercussions. Addiction can occur even after short-term use, as can a lot of other illnesses and side effects. What Are Club Drugs? According to American Family Physician (AFP), club drugs are various psychoactive chemicals...
young couple in argument at home - addicted partner
The signs of addiction differ for everyone. Some are more subtle than you think. Maybe you’ve noticed your partner displays some unusual behavior. Or there are financial issues such as unpaid bills or a sudden unexplained shortage of funds. Perhaps your partner’s moods are unpredictable—and even frightening. It’s vital for your own and your partner’s...
Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms - symptoms sign - willingway
The primary medical use of opioids is for the treatment of severe pain, yet many people have started abusing this powerful narcotic because of the euphoric high it produces. Building a tolerance to opiates happens quite quickly when opioid medications (such as Codeine, Vicodin, and Dilaudid) are not taken as prescribed. Any time opioids are...

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