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Treating Chronic Pain: When Opiates Aren't the Answer - grayscale woman hurt shoulder red added
Throughout history, medical professionals have struggled to understand how people experience pain. The difference between an individual’s perception of pain and a physician’s assessment of that perception have made this a challenging task. The popular care response has been to provide whatever medication comes close to alleviating the most symptoms. This gives the patient a...
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How Spirituality Helps Recovery
For many people, spirituality is often the same as religion. Some individuals rely on faith to provide awareness, cope with challenges, teach them to seek a calling, and show support for others in their community. Spirituality can also be techniques to help you stay present, interact positively in the world, have a guiding purpose, and...
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Man meditating outdoors - Ways to Prevent Relapse
There’s not a tried and true method for preventing relapse: just a series of reminders that help you focus on wellness. Too often, people don’t understand that the work someone puts into recovery only begins with specialized treatment. Afterward, each day requires you to use techniques learned in rehabilitation to stay focused on your value,...
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Tips for Sober Socializing - group of friends having fun
To truly embrace your sobriety and recovery, you may have to change previous habits and behaviors. People compulsively use drugs or alcohol for different reasons, but many of them often indulge while with friends, at parties, during special events such as the holidays or other celebrations, or after work with colleagues. So, to adapt behavior...
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Returning to Work After Rehab - people working in an office
Returning to work after substance abuse treatment has a number of implications. On one hand, being back on the job may be just the right structure someone in recovery needs to stabilize a new way of life. He or she may appreciate the opportunity to be productive, enjoy aspects of a fulfilling career, take care...
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How Exercise Helps Sobriety - woman stretching
Why is exercise good for you? One primary reason is because movement increases the flow of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Endorphins are essential hormones that promote feelings of pleasure and reduce pain. If you’re familiar with the term runner’s high, it’s in reference to the flood of endorphins produced in your body through intense exercise....
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Talking to Loved Ones About Their Addiction - two men talking
When someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it puts you in a difficult position. You’re on the front lines of battle, dealing with his or her behavior in a variety of negative ways: Increasing ill health Uncharacteristic behaviors, such as irresponsibility, lying, stealing, excessive promiscuity, and gambling Safety concerns for your loved...
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Why Extended Treatment May Help You - Cornerstone House Interior - Willingway Addiction treatment - extended treatment services
Making the decision to enter a rehabilitation facility is a monumental life change. The ability to recognize you have a problem and seek treatment for better wellness is the first step to a new way of thriving. But change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s common for many people to go through initial rehab in about 30...
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Willingway Men's Lodge — Extended Treatment Services
This month Alumni & Community Relations Coordinator Emily McFarland sat down with Lodge Program Manager and WW alum Tim Maguire to learn more about Willingway’s clinically intensive program for men that emphasizes daily recovery and allows residents to gradually become productive members of the community. Recently, Tim was promoted to assistant director of Extended Treatment...
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