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sick young woman at home on telephone - hydrocodone
Hydrocodone is an opioid medication often prescribed to treat chronic pain. As an opiate, it’s also a popular street drug. Prolonged use, whether as directed by a health care provider or illicitly, can be habit forming and requires professional treatment to reduce the effects of hydrocodone withdrawal. Understanding Hydrocodone Pronounced “high-droe-KOE-dohn,” this drug is a...
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digital illustration - silhouettes of man and woman in capes against sunrise background - cartoon style - personal heroes
The people we surround ourselves with—our circle of influence, if you will—really matter for our continued well-being. But what about individuals who help us aspire to improve and grow? Where does that influence come from, and why? Let’s explore why personal heroes are important for your recovery. What a Hero Is—and Isn’t. When we were...
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woman looking at a tablet computer with young relatives in front of Christmas tree and fireplace - peace
The time between October and January is filled with dozens of holiday and cultural celebrations all around the world. One common component between them all is family. While many people can’t wait to be together, others might have some challenges. How can you have a balance of peace and community? Thoughts from the Experts on...
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cropped shot of a person's shoed feet toed up to a red line on the concrete - boundaries
Even in the most stable families, tensions can run high during the holidays. This time of year is often stressful enough with busy schedules, but old hurts or miscommunication might complicate things even more. So what do you do when a loved one’s addiction problem has caused drama in the past? Keep Boundaries Intact No...
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group of adults in therapy session or support group - two women with arms around each others' shoulders -
Few people understand what it means to be in recovery like those who travel the same path. Like any shared experience, choosing health over destructive behaviors creates a bond that enriches life experiences and presents new opportunities. “I Got You” In a 2021 article for Forbes, sociologist Tracy Bower explored why sharing hard times helps...
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attractive young couple cooking together in their kitchen - man is chopping vegetables - self-care
When’s the last time you did something that brought you joy? Or felt so relaxed that you really believed you deserved it? The scope of self-care is broad and inviting, and is especially vital to recovery health. How Would You Define Self-Care? The simple act of making a diverse salad for dinner instead of a...
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two women friends drinking wine together on video call - drinking and pandemic
It’s hard to believe that aspects of the coronavirus pandemic are still affecting us. But new variants and, at press time, a continual rise in cases means that many people still feel the stress and strain of this global health crisis. Another unfortunate side effect of the pandemic is a rise in drinking. High Drinking...
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cropped shot of a person holding a red balloon that has an angry face drawn on it in black marker - all against a yellow background - anger
Individuals who strive for self-improvement and have the courage to seek treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) or substance use disorder (SUD) eventually uncover a number of reasons for their behaviors. One particular emotion that’s not only a root cause but also a symptom of substance use issues is anger. Anger, the “Secondary Emotion” Psychology...
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young man in his early twenties on couch with knees drawn to chest and head down - PTSD
Although human beings have suffered trauma for their entire existence on earth, it wasn’t until 1980 that post-traumatic stress was acknowledged by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). That year, the organization added post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to the third edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III). What Defines PTSD? Even after...
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