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6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Recovery - man meditating at sunset
Once you leave the structured environment of a drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll be tasked with managing your recovery independently. Keep in mind the following tips to help you stay on the right path. 1. Focus on the Present When you’re in recovery, it’s tempting to want to dwell on past mistakes or worry about...
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Understanding and Avoiding Common Relapse Triggers - woman with thinking gears
Congratulations, you’ve graduated! You’ve reached the goals you set out to achieve in a treatment facility. You’re sober and ready to step into the next phase of recovery. You’re feeling healthy with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear head! This is great news, but there lurk those elements of your life that started...
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How to Recognize Addiction in a Loved One - drunk man on stairs
John comes home late one night, his breath reeking of liquor. His eyes are bloodshot red. He says nothing and falls into bed, passes out. Was he drunk again? Loretta’s mood is swinging drastically. One morning she’s warm and fun-loving. That same afternoon she is cold, distant, and completely disinterested in the world around her....
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How Georgia is Changing Its Treatment of Opioids - prescription pad and bottles
This is the final article in a three part series on opioids in Georgia. A patient goes to see a doctor about back pain. Or, maybe he just needs some minor surgery. The doctor wants to help him manage the pain, so a strong pain reliever is prescribed (Vicodin, Oxycontin, etc.). The patient takes the...
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An Opioid Epidemic in the Peach State - map 1
Part two of a three part series on opioids in Georgia. Last week we explored the history of opioids. They have been present in human communities almost since the dawn of civilization. Today, we better understand their addictive qualities and destructive powers. Unfortunately, in recent years and despite this knowledge, opioid misuse is still on...
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Opioids and How They Arrived to Georgia: A Brief History - opioid crisis words
Part one of a three part series on opioids in Georgia. Reading about drug addiction can be an emotionally draining exercise, especially when you’re researching on behalf of your own substance use disorder or a loved one’s. While we try to gather as much information as possible, it can be productive to take a step...
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Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms - symptoms sign - willingway
The primary medical use of opioids is for the treatment of severe pain, yet many people have started abusing this powerful narcotic because of the euphoric high it produces. Building a tolerance to opiates happens quite quickly when opioid medications (such as Codeine, Vicodin, and Dilaudid) are not taken as prescribed. Any time opioids are...
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Am I Addicted to Alcohol - man in a bar - willingway
Many times, people struggling with their drinking have asked themselves “am I addicted to alcohol?” Sometimes everyone else around us is aware of the depths of our addiction before we are. If you are wondering if you are addicted to alcohol, there are questions you can ask yourself. For starters, has your drinking ever interfered...
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choosing the right detox - Willingway
Finding yourself or a loved in need of a detox center can be a daunting task. How to choose the right detox center may be a quandary. What do I look for? Can I afford the center? Is it required that I stay there? Do the individuals on staff have the right credentials? This can be overwhelming,...
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