What Does “Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny” Mean to You?

Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny

Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny” is a phrase that holds a deep meaning for our alumni and friends in recovery, but has had a variety of interpretations over the years. After finding some inspiration from this year’s Homecoming theme, Taylor L., chose to use a stamp as our logo, symbolizing the idea of travel. Within the stamp, there is an endless road, speaking to the idea that our lives in recovery are about the journey and not the destination. The road leads the traveler to sunny, blue skies with mountains and birds, all of which represent freedom to Taylor. The sky’s the limit!

We spoke with some of our other alumni to find out what this phrase means to them.

Trudge: To walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions. I think that this describes almost perfectly the way sobriety can be at times, especially early recovery. The transition of mind and body from a seemingly hopeless state of pain and darkness to one of contentment, peace, and ease is a hard road. Getting sober is taxing and life doesn’t stop just because I’ve decided to live differently. But the pivotal part of this phrase for me is ‘Happy Destiny.’ I know that by putting one foot in front of the other regardless of painful emotions and seemingly endless work, I move ahead. And there are great moments of joy and peace along the way as I rediscover life. I am traveling towards a place of serenity, connectedness, and ultimately freedom. My horizons are awe-inspiring.”

“Matching calamity with serenity.”

“Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

“It reminds me that I have to work for my happiness. In active alcoholism, I always expected for it to just come to me. That I would somehow magically acquire something I perceived other people as having. I work towards the promises because I believe them. I’ve seen them in my own life and in the lives of the people in recovery that I love. Maybe what Bill W. meant by ‘trudge’ was ‘work.’ I have to put in the effort it, but I always see that effort rewarded. And I don’t have to ‘trudge’ the road alone. I have awesome people with me on the way. And that makes everything and everyday doing it much more worth it, and that much easier.”

“Sometimes life is not going to be perfect and there will always be twists and turns. But if I continue to do the next right thing, feed my spiritual life, and trust my higher power then I will have nothing but a beautiful and fulfilling destiny awaiting me.”

“Keep on trucking!”

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