6 Ideas for Sober Family Fun

6 Ideas for Sober Family Fun - mom and dad holding hands with daughter at picnic

After dealing with the challenges of addiction and braving the journey to recovery, it’s heartening to think life has new possibilities.

This is important for you to remember each day as you choose sobriety. It’s also a necessary component for rebuilding the bonds between you and the people you love.

It’s often hard to think about the impact substance abuse has on a family, but it can’t be avoided. The influence of the disease is widespread, and it takes careful attention to be present for each person and what they experienced as a result of substance abuse. Fortunately, with this dedication to care, each member of the family can heal together.

Part of the recovery process is to find different ways to enjoy each other’s company, seek new adventures, and create lasting memories. Demonstrating to loved ones how much you value them and what sober fun looks like gives you an opportunity to create stronger, more meaningful connections.

Sober Fun for the Whole Family

Regardless of age and interests, there are numerous possibilities to explore, create, relax, laugh, share, and learn.

1. Try a New Sport

Whether it’s touch football backyard soccer, stand-up waterboarding or ping pong, the family that plays together finds new ways to relate to each other. Exercise is a valuable tool for wellness, and sharing it with loved ones sends a positive message. Maybe you can break out of the typical routine with such unusual activities as underwater hockey and toe wrestling!

2. Enjoy Nature

There’s no better way to help people understand their connection to each other than being a part of the natural world. Each state offers the wonders of nature, rich with beauty, adventure, and activities. The Southeastern United States has thousands of coastline miles to explore along the Atlantic Ocean, and Georgia has a number of interesting activities in the wild.

  • Watch owls at Amicalola Falls.
  • Take a day trip along the Blue Ridge Scenic Parkway.
  • Try to spot alligators (safely!) in the Phinizy Swamp.
  • Wander through Gibbs Gardens. Canoe through George L. Smith State Park.
  • Hike through Providence Canyon.

Search a Department of Natural Resources site for more ideas and locations.

3. Try a Scavenger Hunt

The thrill of the hunt excites everyone! Family members may bond together or engage in friendly competition to seek out the most clues and uncover all the secrets. And although you’d never tell your children this, scavenger hunts provide exceptional hands-on learning opportunities as well.

The Institute for Educational Advancement highlights benefits such as improved problem-solving abilities, enhanced teamwork skills, more exercise, and other advantages.

Try walking adventure such Operation City Quest or Big City Hunt, with organized events in Augusta, Atlanta, Athens, and Sandy Springs, among other cities. If you can’t find an organized event near you, create one of your own focused on particular interests or themes, and set it up in your town—or even your backyard!

4. Explore Where You Live

When’s the last time you went to your state’s tourism site and looked at events and attractions from a visitor’s perspective? For example, Explore Georgia.org lists hundreds of arts and cultural events, history and heritage sites, water sports and recreation, festivals, and other opportunities to get out in the world in exciting ways.

5. Plan a Family Staycation

There are times when our lives are simply too overscheduled. Some responsibilities can’t be avoided, but there are still ways to power down—both yourself and your devices—and enjoy simply being. Staycations eliminate the stress of travel logistics and a busted budget and help you appreciate other aspects of relaxation.

You still need a plan, and perhaps an outline of what you’ll spend money on and how much, but with a few helpful tips like these, you’re guaranteed to eliminate the “I’m bored!” refrain. Let go of everyday obligations and create authentic bonding with the ones you love the most.

6. Don’t Overthink It

There are many advantages to following an easy course of play and activity:

  • A picnic in the park can happen spontaneously with just a few items.
  • Go to the library for an hour or two, with everyone curling up in a favorite section.
  • Plan a movie night in your backyard with a sheet for a screen and homemade popcorn.
  • Invite other families over for a memorable time.
  • Pick one Saturday a month to visit a museum, art gallery, or another art, music, or literature event, then go home and create works of your own.
  • Volunteer at a pet rescue center or for a citywide food festival to demonstrate the importance of community and service.

Allow your imagination to be free, keep the conversation open, and see what happens!

Willingway Believes in the Power of Family

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