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Is Treatment at Low Cost Rehabs inferior to Treatment at Luxury Rehabs?

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Addiction is at an all time high across the nation.

Checking in to a drug treatment center is the first step toward long term recovery. The financial cost of continuing an addiction almost always outweighs the cost of rehab, yet, most people worry about the cost of a drug treatment center. If you are considering a stay in a drug treatment center for yourself or a loved one, there are many options. It can feel overwhelming to know where to begin to search for the right place to begin the journey toward sobriety.

There is no need to fret, there are rehabs available for everyone. Both low cost rehabs and luxury rehabs provide the basics: detoxification, addiction counseling, and life skills training. Many studies have shown that the success rates are comparable.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both:

Government Funded

Cost – Government funded drug rehabilitation facilities provide care for free or on a sliding fee scale, according to what you are able to pay. For those individuals without insurance or the financial means to pay for a private rehab stay, this is an excellent option.

Professionalism – Government funded centers not only employ professionals, but most are also teaching institutions. The positive aspect of teaching facilities is that they are up to date on all of the newest interventions and medications. These people are sincerely interested in this field and not simply working for a paycheck. The negative aspect is that many of the health care professionals may not have many years of experience in the field of addiction.

Accountability – Government funded programs will be shut down if they are deemed unsuccessful. They have to remain accountable to keep their funding.

Boarding Facilities – These facilities are often basic, with a lack of amenities. Patients are often expected to help with duties such as cooking and cleaning. This helps reduce the cost of keeping the facility up and running. The focus of government funded facilities is emotional and medical assistance for the patients. Many feel that the perks of extracurricular activities take the focus away from the goal of recovery, and may distract the individual from the process of treatment.

Wait list – Due to the fact that these centers are free, or cost close to nothing, there is often a wait list to get in. The wait time can be a few days to a few months, so be sure to call around to see what is available and when.

Long-term treatment – There is often little funding available for long term treatment to be put in place once the patient is released from the rehab facility. Since going to rehab is only the first step in recovery from addiction, finding an on-going care option is important to prevent relapse. This part of recovery may be left to the individual.

Luxury Rehabs

Individualized treatment – Luxury drug treatment centers provide personalized drug treatment plans. Through physical, diagnostic, and psychological assessments, a plan will be put in place that is tailored for the individual. This can include medications needed, and therapies adjusted to learning style, choice of drug, and duration of substance dependency.

Professionalism – Since they are not government funded, most will make the best effort to hire the most highly qualified staff in order to keep the facility functioning at its best.

Therapy – These centers offer many types of therapy that address the emotional reasons for addiction. Among the different types of therapy offered at luxury rehabs are:

  • Cognitive therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • EMDR
  • Family therapy (this aims at rebuilding the family structure that has been injured due to addiction)
  • Creative therapy (uses the arts, such as music, painting, crafts, and writing as therapeutic tools in the healing process)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (this therapy is mostly used for those that have suffered abuse or trauma)
  • Nature therapy (this employs using nature as therapy for regaining health and positivity)
  • Exercise therapy (many places will have gyms, yoga classes and other forms of exercise for rebuilding the body and soul)

Boarding facilities – Most often, the patients will have their own room, or only one roommate making the stay more comfortable and home-like. The down side of rooming alone is the patient may not form bonds with others in recovery.

After-care planning – Health care professional will collaborate with patients to set up after care, providing support after the patient leaves the center and ventures back into their life.

Cost – Most insurances will cover some or all of the cost for a luxury rehab, depending on the insurance policy, the length of the stay, and the total cost. Whatever is not covered most often must be paid out of pocket.

Both low cost and luxury drug treatment centers can provide the care you or your loved one needs to begin the journey of living drug and alcohol free. Just because a center is low cost or government funded does not mean that the care is inferior. Making the decision to enter into rehab can be daunting. If possible, do the footwork necessary before making a choice by making phone calls and gathering information. Important things to know are: cost, what insurance is accepted, wait time, rooming options, length of stay, therapies offered, and transitional planning.

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