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adolescent male looking at camera - teenager
When you discover your teenager has a drug problem that has gone beyond an experimental phase, determining what to do next is often a frightening and complicated process full of questions. How did this happen? Why didn’t I see the signs? Will treatment help make them healthy? What methods work best? How will a stay...
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young man waving at laptop screen during video chat - sober friends
We’re just going to say it: it’s hard making friends as an adult. If you’re in addiction recovery and no longer feel comfortable spending time with your old group of friends, what can you do? Fortunately, there are ways to find more sober friends and activities to enjoy. You’re Not Alone in Feeling This Way...
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beautiful distressed African American woman sitting in bed - improve sleep
Whether you have insomnia after addiction treatment, sleep issues because of chronic pain, or a busy life with many people to care for and other responsibilities, trying to rest well is often a challenge. Making progressive life changes will help you improve sleep. Why Is Sleep Often Elusive? The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports...
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people picking up litter - volunteering - staying busy in recovery
Changing your life patterns after inpatient rehabilitation treatment might leave you with some extra time. You understand the importance of staying busy, but perhaps activities and people in your previous chapter no longer support your sobriety choices. So now what? Remember: there’s a wide, wonderful world to enjoy, and you can opt to be part...
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two young teenage boys sitting in alley drinking bottles of beer - teen drinking
If your teen or another adolescent loved one lacks focus, seems disoriented, has lost interest in usual activities, seems more inhibited than usual, and has more trouble in school, it might be time for a face-to-face conversation. These are just a few potential symptoms of a drinking problem. When Is Behavior “Just a Phase” vs....
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beautiful African American woman sitting on bed meditating - rituals and routines
Contentment is often found in the simple routines and rituals we establish for ourselves each day. That first cup of coffee or tea in the early morning. A prayer before a meal or bedtime. Setting out tomorrow’s wardrobe the night before to make getting ready for work easier. Attending a regular support group at the...
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little wooden figurine holding a white sign with red question mark on it - addict
Affirmations For people who believe in the power of positive affirmations, the words you choose and how you identify yourself have great influence. Psychologists believe affirmations help you reprogram the subconscious mind, which is essential to “the actualization of our lives and the manifestation of our desires.” The positive language used in these statements can...
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closeup of person's hands being held up to the sky during sunrise - spirituality in recovery
In many treatment programs, support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous, and similar programs are bedrocks of sobriety. For some people in recovery, receiving guidance from a 12-Step program that asks them to acknowledge their powerlessness over a substance and believe that “a Power greater than themselves can restore them to sanity” can...
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young couple in argument at home - addicted partner
The signs of addiction differ for everyone. Some are more subtle than you think. Maybe you’ve noticed your partner displays some unusual behavior. Or there are financial issues such as unpaid bills or a sudden unexplained shortage of funds. Perhaps your partner’s moods are unpredictable—and even frightening. It’s vital for your own and your partner’s...
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